10 best suited evening dresses for tall people!

Invited to a fancy, black-tie event where you need to go all out? Stressed because you can’t find the perfect dress that suits your style and fits you like a glove? Fret not, because we’ve got you covered. We bring to you some of the finest evening dresses that will accentuate your long legs, flatter your physique and make you stand out from the crowd for a good reason.


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But first, here are some quick tips to make the most of your height and look your best.

1. What shape am I?

We cannot stress enough on how imperative it is for one to know their body shape. Is it hourglass? Pear shaped? Triangular? Apple shaped or rectangular? Just knowing what shape your body is makes you win half the battle.

2. So many colors to choose from!

Everyone has an idea of what color looks good on them. It’s usually the one that suits your complexion and makes you look more radiant than ever.

3. Which material looks the best on me?

The fabric is just as significant. Different fabrics have a different fall and they could have a pattern or be plain, so it’s important to choose the one that not only looks the best but fits you the best as well.

4. Spend wisely!

Just because you need to go all out doesn’t mean you have to be broke. Start early with your dress selection so you know where to find the dress you’re looking for at the most reasonable rates

5. The additional bling

No outfit or look can be complete without accessories so pair your dress with beautiful jewelry. It can be simple if you’re going for an understated glam or it can be flashy if you’re ready to shine! The choice is all yours.

6. To heel or not to heel?

While your height it is a big asset on its own you shouldn’t shy away from wearing heels. And let’s be real, who doesn’t like long legs? So, strap on a pair and strut your stuff!

Big events like the prom don’t come around every day, it’s a special occasion where everyone wants to put their best foot forward. And finding the perfect dress can be an arduous feat for people of all shapes and sizes, especially if you’re tall. While most people envy you for your impeccable 5’10”- 6’ height, they don’t know how hard it can be to find the perfect dress that defines elegance and shows you off in all the right places.

But today is your lucky day! We’ve lined up the best evening dresses including the favorite prom dresses 2020 for all you tall girls out there.

1. Stylish 2 Piece Prom Dresses

2 piece prom dress

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Arrive at your special event in a 2-piece prom dress and you’ll be turning heads for sure! The stylish two-piece prom dresses come with a beautifully fitted bodices and a variety of lovely silhouettes that gracefully enhance your body shape. The best part of the 2-piece prom dress is the numerous style combinations one could try with it, making it an all-time favorite.

2. Pretty Pink Prom Dresses

pink prom dress

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If there’s any color that exudes feminine charm, it’s pink. The pastel pink shades not only give an elegantly dainty look but also add a radiant blush to your complexion, whereas the dark, bolder shades of pink would give you a striking appearance. Pair this beautiful color with a figure-hugging mermaid gown or a ball gown to enjoy your princess moment.

3. Beautiful Black Prom Dresses

black prom dress

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It’s a well-known fact that one can never go wrong with black and its universally slimming effect acts as the perfect testament to this statement. Black is timeless and classic; it suits people of all ages and can be altered to one’s style of choice. So, whether it’s a simple black ball gown or an embellished bodice with a subtle sparkle, a beautiful black dress will always take everyone’s breath away.

4. Royal Blue Prom Dresses

royal blue prom dress

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A beautiful royal blue off shoulder prom dress is sure to accentuate the best of your features and give you a classy, sophisticated look. Like the name suggests this dress is fit for royalty and its regal color would make one stop in their tracks. Tasteful embellishments and bead work would also add to the grandeur of this dress, making you look like a true queen.

5. Mermaid Prom Dresses

mermaid prom dress

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Mermaid prom dresses have been the epitome of style for ages. Giving a stunning hourglass silhouette, this dress adds to one’s youthful appearance while bringing out an elegantly playful side. It can also come with a lengthy train for an additional dramatic flair. So, let your inner fashionista shine bright with this stylish dress.

6. Bodacious Ball Gown Prom Dresses

ball gown prom dress

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Ball gowns have been famous since the 16th century and they’re here to stay! They exude traditional grandeur and are mostly reserved for the biggest events of the year including the prestigious Oscar awards. Fun fact, Jennifer Lawrence wore the most expensive ball gown priced at a whopping $4 million at the 2013 Oscars where she had her famous fall and won her first Oscar. You go J-Law! So, choose a beautiful strapless ball gown to radiate traditional glam on your big night.

7. Colorful Rainbow Prom Dresses

colorful prom dress

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Choose a colorful rainbow prom dress for a fun, lively and striking look. The amalgam of vivid colors is sure to give you an aesthetically pleasing appearance that will make you stand out from the crowd.

8. Versatile Long Sleeve Prom Dresses

long sleeve prom dress

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The long sleeve prom dresses are versatile enough to be worn in different ways. From princess ball gowns to flirty 2 piece dresses this stylish number gives a classy vintage touch to any modern design making it unparalleled in subtle sophistication.

9. Shiny Silver Prom Dresses

silver prom dress

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Shine brighter than the moon on your night out in a sparkling silver prom dress. There’s an old school regal charm about this dress that never gets old and gives one an instant red-carpet look. A sexy off shoulder silver dress would be the perfect pick to make you look effortlessly chic and glamorous.

10. Budget Friendly Prom Dresses

One can always look like a million bucks without actually spending them. The trick is to do an intensive search before hand and find out what style suits you the best. A cheap prom dress can definitely make you look like a celebrity without going bankrupt, all it needs it an extra effort.


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