13 Gold Wedding Gowns Are the Showstopping 2019 Wedding Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of

Aside from a few regrettable trends over the years, the wedding dresses market doesn’t change much.You wear white (ivory if you’re really daring!), tulle is plentiful, and 9 out of 10 times your look includes a hemline or train that stretches behind you on your walk down the aisle. But while fitted mermaid wedding dresses are always a safe bet, for a lot of brides, picking the dress is more about personal style than simply choosing whatever “most” brides do.

Trend-minded brides dipped their toes into unconventional waters in 2018, embracing bridal jumpsuit silhouettes and richer, champagne textiles. And if 2019 wedding trends are any indication, this trend promises to continue—with brides diving even further into breaks from tradition and embracing not just champagne wedding dresses, but gold bridesmaid dresses, too.

And truthfully, the trend is pretty varied. Gold wedding gowns come in subdued shades of beige that sparkle with gold accents, and they also come in saturated shades of shiny mustards, vibrant golds and deep bronzes. In other words, the gold wedding dress trend is exactly what you want it to be—whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, a trend-chaser or tradition die-hard, a sparkly bride or strictly edgy one.

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How to Wear a Casual Wedding Dress
1.Look for dresses that are comfortable and easy to wear. long evening dresses. Fabrics like silk and lace are ideal.
2.To keep things simple, try to steer clear of excessive embellishments and accessories.
3.Opt for a dress which is suitable for your surroundings.
4.When it comes to footwear, choose something comfortable and easy to walk in. Strappy sandals or wedges are a great choice.


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