Amazing! Why Flower Girl Dresses Are Popular At Weddings?

Flower Girl: from Wikipedia, “The phrase flower girl is commonly used to refer to one or many young females who scatter flower petals down the aisle during a wedding procession.” Thus, because of the importance of the flower girl at the wedding, the flower girl dress is also essential for the wedding dress.

flower girl

The Meaning of Flower Girl

Flower girls sprinkle the aisle with petals before the bride makes her entrance. And, in there adorable white flower girl dresses, sometimes even steal the show. But, they’re not just a part of traditional weddings to make the guests say ‘aww’ as they walk down the aisle; they actually signify the bride losing her innocence. (Ever wonder why the bride always stands on the left at weddings?)

A big part of the wedding ceremony is the flower girl.

If you’re new to this and don’t know what the role is all about, try to go back to a wedding scene you saw recently. You probably remember the cute, adorable little girl who scattered flower petals on the wedding aisle, while introducing the bride to the whole crowd.

That’s the flower girl!

The Age of Flower Girl

If you’re wondering what age is proper for a flower girl, the rule of thumb is that she should be between three and ten years old.

So, how old is too old or too young? If your pick is over 10 years old, try to make her part of the wedding as a junior bridesmaid. This will be a better role to enjoy the experience of participating in the wedding from start to finish without the overwhelming responsibilities often taken on by the bridesmaids.

age of flower girl

What Do the Flower Girls Wear on the Wedding Day?

Flower girls are a divine part of the wedding. You can dress up your girls as mini-bridesmaids or coordinate the dresses according to the bride’s dress as mini-bride. The choice is what the little girls would love to wear. There are a variety of girls bridesmaid dresses in the market. Some of the flower girls dress that will look fabulous on your little girl.

Tips!Before choosing a flower girl dress for your little one, you have to consider the following things.

Quality – The stuff matters a lot, especially if you buy for summers. Sometimes the sun rays fade the color of flower girl dress so always choose the cotton or poly fabric that lasts for a long time and gives ease of hassle-free cleaning.

Length – In the market, flower girl dresses come in various shapes so if you want to purchase wedding flower girl dresses, floor touch flower gowns are the perfect choice for the little girl.

Type of flower girl dresses

There is a wide range of stylish and trendy flower dresses such as casual flower girl dresses, flower girls tiered dresslace-up Cinderella-style flower girl dresses available online that are specially designed for marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, school annual functions, get together and many more. The best part of these flower girl dresses is easy to fit on slim shaped to the fat body.

Most often flower girls wear sweet little dresses but the options are endless from white to colorful, tulle to sundress and everything in between. You can also adorn them with floral crowns, mini posies of flowers, petals in a basket to toss down the aisle or fairy wands to wave.

Infant/Baby Flower Girl Dresses

infant flower girl dress

What happens if your flower girl pick is under 18 months old, not even got to walking and .. is basically a baby? There are ways to make her part of your day, even though 18-month-olds don’t take direction. This pink dresses for little girl make it so cute that the kids under 18 months old dress up it.

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Some people tend not to go with quite so young flower girls in their ceremonies because their actions can be unpredictable. But others find any imperfections, like stumbling, falling asleep in the wagon or chomping on a few flower petals quite the cuteness factor! Whatever, you still can choose this flower girl dress for her and make her happier.

2 to 5 Years Old Flower Girl Dresses

2-5 years old flower girl dress

These little girls are already learning how to walk, so they’ll be able to go on the wedding aisle on their own, with a lot of encouragement.

All you have to do to make sure she’s not going to get scared of the walk is have somebody with them on the aisle, showing her where to go, and have one of her parents at the end of the aisle! Now the best and suitable toddler flower girl dresses is an important role.

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Then, you can choose a slightly larger flower girl dress. But remember that you have to make the actual measurement of your kid. If you’re really worried about losing control of your flower girl during the wedding ceremony or having her throw a tantrum, turn to a girl l that’s a few years older, like a 3 to 5 years old will be a safer choice. And an adorable one!

3-5 years old

If she’s able to walk on her own and knows how to toss petals, you can relax because her moment it’s probably gonna run smoothly. But if you don’t think she can handle the whole ceremony, make sure you have prepared some distractions for her (try coloring books or toys).

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6 to 10 Years Old Flower Girl Dresses

6-10 years old

There is no best age for a flower girl because age doesn’t necessary guarantees you a maturity level, but a 7-10 years old flower girl’s ability to stay focused will be higher. At this age, she’ll be able to do a fine job and try her best to make the bride happy and to keep the guests entertained! You can try to collect some long flower girl dresses because the kids at this age are growing up fast.

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10+ Years Old Flower Girl Dresses

10+ years old

In the search for the perfect flower girl, you may bump on some really nice girls that you’d love to have at your wedding, but that is slightly past the proper age.

Well, don’t worry, you can still have them sitting next to you on the Special Day as a junior bridesmaid! This role will be a better fit for responsibilities, without the big tasks that came along with the official bridesmaid job. So both flower girl dresses and junior bridesmaid dresses are suitable for them, in addition, you can choose some dresses with embellishments.

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We believe that every flower girl deserves to look and feel special! Typically, shopping for these amazing flower girl dresses involves driving from store to store and coaxing your flower girl through fitting after fitting. The result? One very tired flower girl and a trail of discarded flower girl dress that wasn’t quite what you had in mind. For the flower girl in your life, shop easy, shop elegant — shop LaLaMira!

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