Do You Think Black Flower Girl Dress Is Appropriate for Wedding?

Recently I got an answer that “Black is not the best color for flower girls, even not suitable for the wedding”. Do you think black flower girl dress is appropriate for kids and wedding? Next is answered from the Internet.

black flower girl dress

Discussion on black flower girl dress

Forum: I will be married in January, my colors are apple red and black. I recently decided on a black flower girl dress with small red details that my bridesmaids loved! I like it!I’m asking for some advice…I also sent this picture to a friend, who continued, ” Black is not for children, especially for girls who sell flowers.“I see no problem with this dress, I do not think ” Black is an inappropriate color for children” I am the only one who has different feelings? At the end of the day, I will choose the clothes I like and hope that my flower girl will wear them, that is, I will also be very grateful for other (serious) opinions.

Answer 1:  If this is the color scheme for your wedding, and she matches the bridesmaids, then I don’t see what the problem is.

Tell your friends that in some countries, Black is the right color for weddings, not white.

This dress is good. Make sure she has a color on her shoes or hair so it doesn’t go all black and you’ll be fine.

It’s your wedding, not your friends or family.

Answer 2: Personally, I would not let a child wear black clothes. It seems too big for a small child. But, as you said, Ultimately, it’s your wedding and your decision.

If your bridesmaid wears black, at least she won’t be noticeable. I don’t want her to be the only girl in black.

She fits your color theme, so I think you can succeed. I would definitely give her some little red shoes and a red hairband (or something similar) so she doesn’t look too dark. I can totally see the sparkling red shoes of The Wizard Of Oz in that dress!

Again, not something I would personally choose, but if you are satisfied with it, I do not see any reason for you to change it.

Answer 3: Very cute skirt, however, personally I do not want a child in black clothes, because this is the funeral. Could you consider wearing the same dress, but in red, with black floral details/belt? For small children, it seems more festive and appropriate.

The only time I ever saw a girl dressed in Black was at a funeral and at a Halloween party dressed as a witch. I did not make a judgment, I just follow your request to express my opinion.

Everyone will have a different point of view and a sense of style. I don’t think “do what you want” is wise advice. Do you want a cute little niece who looks like Elvira? Too young, for me it may be a bit morbid, but in the end, it’s your decision. Make a wise choice.

Answer 4: I’m going to the wedding soon. I searched the internet and found sites that said not to wear 5 colors for the wedding. All I could remember was white, black and red. Those sites say not to wear white because the bride wears white.No black because it looks like a funeral. Because of too much attention and no red. In my opinion, most of this information is outdated, because now, people wear what they want to wear to the wedding. In addition, it also depends on the culture, the role of color in culture. For most people, flower girls usually dress like a white/pink dress. Nowadays, the bride does not have to wear white clothes.

If red and black are your theme colors, there should be no problem. You really should ask the florist’s parents.

Answer 5: I agree with most people here. I think it’s a lovely dress. Your colors are red and black. As the poster says, save yourself the grief and don’t tell anyone what color it is. It’s your wedding. Do what you want. I like it.

Answer 6: This dress is cute and suitable for children and formal weddings. I guarantee that your guests will not think of the color of the dress at weddings and receptions. Cute red shoes and red hair flowers or hairpins will set it off nicely.

Answer 7: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing black for a wedding, whether it’s an adult or a child.

Yes, I know the old rules of etiquette stipulate that Black is associated with funerals-but many women prefer black because it is slim and classic. At least two women at every wedding I’ve been to wore black dresses-they always looked like everyone else. Do boys usually not wear black suits? How is this different from a girl in a black dress?

I think this dress is cute. If it fits your color scheme and is what you want, go for it. Don’t listen to people whose views are outdated-times have changed.

Answer 8: Black dress is traditionally serious and dull, but sequins, tulle, and flowers make this dress more fancy and interesting. Before you mention color, give people a look at the dress so they can better understand what you’re talking about, and they won’t think you’re trying to turn a young innocent into a goth vampire.

Answer 9: You should save a lot of grief and stop asking for advice on such matters.No one needs to know the color of your flower girl costume.No one needs to know your wedding except when and where. If you’re going to do whatever you want, why let yourself be criticized?

Answer 10: It’s your wedding and let the flower girl wear what you want her to wear, that’s all!!!!No matter what you choose, someone will have a problem!!I thought it was cute, not that I would choose, but it was cute. If that’s what you want, then do it.

flower girl dresses

Tips!All in all, it is said that each coin has two sides. Different people have different opinions. Lalamira will tell you that if you think black flower girl dress can match your wedding dress or bridesmaid dress or wedding, just go ahead and ignore it. However, if your relatives and friends, most of them disagree with it, maybe you should retry it. It depends on you.

Flower girl dresses under $100

Attending a wedding party is an honor, but it can also be a considerable expense. If you don’t want your friends and family to go broke so they can stand by you on your big day, you’ll want to make their wedding wardrobe affordable. This is especially true for the youngest members of your wedding party, who may grow out of their clothes before they have a chance to reuse them. However, there are tons of amazing flower girl outfits worth less than $ 100 that will help ensure you don’t have to sacrifice style to keep your budget.

Flower girl dress etiquette can be tricky, but according to tie the knot, it is the responsibility of parents, not the responsibility of the bride. But advice on price mom and dad will give you a big win, and better yet, help to avoid any pre-marital farce. You may also want to talk to your parents about the style of the dress-you don’t want your flower girl to melt at the wedding because all the lace is making her tickle, or because too much tulle can’t move and wobble through the aisle. The flower girl clothes cover almost all the Material, Cut and color you can think of, so you will be able to find clothes for everyone.

#1: Flower girl dress with tulle

Scoop Neck A-Line/Princess Flower Girl Dresses Satin/Tulle Flower(s) Sleeveless Tea-length

US$ 43.00 List Price: US$ 200.00  (85% OFF)

This lace and tulle dress comes in different colors and you have several different sleeves to choose from: sleeveless, 3/4 length, bell sleeves or full length.

#2: Flower girl dress for toddler

Scoop Neck A-Line/Princess Flower Girl Dresses Tulle/Sequined Sash Sleeveless Knee-length

US$ 53.00 List Price: US$ 164.00  (70% OFF)

The dress really bought everything. Tulle, lace, sequins and a large bow. All this adds up to a lovely combination.

#3: Lace flower girl dress

Scoop Neck A-Line/Princess Flower Girl Dresses Tulle/Lace 1/2 Sleeves Short/Mini

US$ 59.79 List Price: US$ 120.00  (50% OFF)

About 80%of the customers who ordered this dress gave it a five-star rating. It comes in white or ivory colors so you can match your wedding dress.

#4: Ball gown flower girl dress

Strapless Ball Gown Flower Girl Dresses Tulle Flower(s)/Rose Petals Sleeveless Sweep Train

US$ 103.00 List Price: US$ 655.25  (85% OFF)

This chiffon dress received hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. It comes in 100+ colors so your flower girl can perfectly coordinate with other people at your wedding.

#5: Long sleeve flower girl dress

Simple Scoop Neck A-Line/Princess Flower Girl Dresses Asymmetrical Tulle Long Sleeves

US$ 99.99 List Price: US$ 200.00  (50% OFF)

If you’re getting married on a cool day, long sleeves help keep your flower girl warm. There are different colors to choose from.

FAQ about flower girl etiquette

Is that necessary?

The great thing about flower girls is that, unlike witnesses or certification officers, they don’t actually need to get you officially married. Don’t know any cute kids you totally love? Don’t worry. Of course, if you’re obsessed with toddlers and can’t wait to see your godson wearing the little bubble-top jumpsuit you found, be sure to add kids to your wedding party. Generally not a child? Skip the whole thing altogether.

What will they wear?

When you decide what to wear for your bridesmaids and groomsmen on your wedding day, also pay attention to coordinating the attire for your youngest groomsmen. Traditionally, the flower girl’s dress is characterized by details that echo the bride’s dress (such as lace or long dress). You can also choose to match the bridesmaids dress color and fabric, or using a similar color scheme of printing. Those little dresses are so cute, there are also small suits or khakis with bows and suspenders. Tell their parents if they want you to give them guidance, or if they prefer that you choose what you want their child to wear.

Were they invited to the party?

This is the most important question that you should answer before you invite any child to participate in. If you have other children at your wedding, then yes, the flower girl and the ringman will receive an invitation. Let them sit with their parents, or arrange a children’s table with a nanny, food for the kids and fun activities. Do not worry about trying to squeeze the children to the table, unless their parents at the wedding. They’ll be happier sitting with mom and dad, and your bridesmaids won’t have to worry about pacifying the crying toddler. If you only host adults, help them find a local nanny(and consider themselves to bear the costs) and a place to look after their children, either in their parents ‘ hotel room or in a room near the venue.

Who pays?

Just like your wedding, ring holders and flower girl (hmmm…Their parents) pay for their own costumes. However, you can choose to buy a set as a gift, or pick a lovely piece that can become a precious souvenir.

After understanding the flower girl etiquette, you can start to buy flower girl dress for your wedding, whether it is the above mentioned controversial black flower girl dress or popular white flower girl dress, in Lalamira, you will be able to find suitable flower girl dress for your princess, under $100 or less is no problem.


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