Do You Think Non-White Wedding Dress Can Be Used As Prom Dress? Here Is The Answer

There is no doubt that wearing a wedding dress is a dream for every girl. However, if she wants to make her dream in a prom or formal event, that is, they want to wear a wedding dress to attend the party which is used as a prom dress. Does anyone can accept this action or when you see this girl worn like that, do you think it unbelievable. Next Lalamira will tell you what is the answer.

As we all know, white wedding dress has a long history mentioned in our former article. So the mind that white wedding dress is used as wedding accessory for many girls. But if a non-white wedding dress which you have already bought from the internet or local store, anyway, when you finish your wedding, how do you deal with your non-white wedding dress.

4 Elegant Non-White Wedding Dresses

Many of us would agree that the wedding dress was designed to turn any lady into the most beautiful woman in the room. They make the bride feel incredible and unique!

Traditionally, most wedding dresses are Ivory. Because it represents a state of purity and happiness, it symbolizes the new beginning of the marriage of the bride. Don’t get me wrong, we love white wedding dresses, and we’re sure you’ll look like an angel in them!

But in addition to a white wedding dress, non-white also quickly catch up with the trend. In this article, we cover 4 awesome white alternatives and their meanings.

#1. Non-White Wedding Dress – Red Wedding Dress

In eastern culture, red is synonymous with wealth and prosperity. Therefore, many traditional weddings tend to be red in the bridal theme.

Red is not only the traditional color but also the ideal color for the bride who wants to stand out. If you want to be seen as a symbol of boldness and seduction, then a red wedding dress will be very popular. An added bonus is how red gives a person with passion and vitality. It’s no surprise to give your guests a lasting impression!

Sweetheart General Plus - Ball-Gown Satin Wedding Dresses

Sweetheart General Plus – Ball-Gown Satin Wedding Dresses


V-neck Chiffon Flattering A-Line/Princess Prom Dresses

V-neck Chiffon Flattering A-Line/Princess Prom Dresses

If you want a subtle red hint, then your next best option would be a maroon or garnet-colored wedding dress. Dark suit for women and elegant brides.

#2. Non-White Wedding Dress – Black Wedding Dress

For most ladies, Black is a major color because it instantly brings elegance and slimming effect. Think about it! Almost every lady has her trusty little black dress. So we thought, why not add this timeless color to a non-white wedding dress?

However, when it comes to non-white wedding dresses, it is usually not the first choice. After all, they are often considered taboo and are often associated with gloomy occasions. Older people often advise brides to avoid the plague on their wedding day. The most common reason is to fight off doom!

If you are a modern bride who is not superstitious, then a black wedding dress can be a refreshing choice. Because of the accompanying darkness, it reflects complexity and brutality. Like a moth to the flame, your brave move will make your guests puzzled.


Scoop Neck A-Line/Princess 2020 New Chiffon Prom Dresses

Scoop Neck A-Line/Princess 2020 New Chiffon Prom Dresses

#3. Non-White Wedding Dress – Blue Wedding Dress

What’s amazing is that the sky creates many beautiful shades of blue. Due to its versatility, Blue has a wide range of qualities. From purity and femininity to elegance and sedate, it has inspired us over the years. Deep blue evokes the sensual radiance of the bride.

As Christian Dior famously said, midnight blue is a hue that can compete with black. Therefore, if you are swinging between choosing a black wedding dress and offending your relatives, then Midnight Blue will be your next best option.

Let your inner Cinderella put on a light blue wedding dress, feel the Princess breath and magical charm. You will definitely be ready for your happy future.

blue wedding dress


A-Line/Princess Tulle Prom Dresses Newest Sweep Train Sweetheart Sleeveless

#4. Non-White Wedding Dress – Pink Wedding Dress

Why not wear pink on your important occasion to look good?

Pink is the ultimate symbol of gentlewomen, suggesting romance and loyalty in marriage. The bride may look fresh, slightly teasing, with pink figures made of light-colored fabrics that accentuate their feminine character.

Choosing the perfect pink wedding dress will turn you into a charming rose on your wedding day. Also, it would be a wonderful feeling to attract everyone to your wedding! Attract all the people who look at you.

Right here! These are just a few of the available shades that make a traditional white/ivory gown a good value for money.

Do you have faith in the stereotype of challenging a white dress, or are you more of a traditionalist? Anyway, we are sure that if properly prepared, you will look charming at the wedding!

If you want to know more about our wedding services, make an appointment here now!

Appliques Scoop Neck Trumpet/Mermaid - Tulle Wedding Dresses

Appliques Scoop Neck Trumpet/Mermaid – Tulle Wedding Dresses


Scoop Neck Ball-Gown - Tulle 2020 New Prom Dresses

Scoop Neck Ball-Gown – Tulle 2020 New Prom Dresses

Since wedding dress is so similar to prom dress, why not do it!

What Color of Prom Dress Is Best For You

Well, it’s almost prom time-at Lalamira, we’re always surrounded by gorgeous costumes(so we know you’re struggling to choose a dress!). When choosing your perfect prom dress, be sure to choose the one that best suits your figure and skin tone. This has everything to do with color and cut. Also, think about what kind of overall image you want: do you want a glamorous or avant-garde prom dress? Maybe you prefer floral or bohemian prom dress type girls? Now, the real question is: how do you categorize the myriad of available colors?

Anyone can wear any color they want and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t wear anything. That is, some colors are easier to get than others. Chances are there will be one color that will not help you any, but luckily there will be some colors that will look fantastic; all this depends on your individual color pallet, overall desired look and preference. We have some Lalamira prom tips that can help you narrow your fill.

#1. Understanding Colors

which prom dress is your choice

When we perceive them, colors give rise to a series of emotions and visual effects. Red is exciting, and blue is calming. These divergent effects can be attributed to these with different “temperature” colors. The color wheel is divided into warm colors and cool colors. Usually, the warm colors are red, orange and yellow, they produce energy and are associated with sunlight and heat. The cool colors are green, blue and purple, the hints remain calm and are associated with water and lower temperatures. Depending on how they are mixed or paired, colors are correlated in different ways to have a greater impact on the viewer. On the other hand, similar colors are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. They usually have the same temperature and are prone to Harmony. If there is enough difference between colors, this color coordination can be very pleasant. Complementary colors on the Color Wheel opposite to each other. One is warm, one is cool, and therefore produces the highest contrast. If these colors are well balanced in the range of controlled quantities, the effect will be vibrant.

Perception is everything. Too many similar colors will be considered too boring and boring. Unbalanced contrasting colors will be seen as too confusing and overwhelming. The most visually appealing color combination is a color combination that strikes a balance between warm and cold.

Continue reading for sure Lalamira prom dresses tips that will help you choose colors!

#2. Matching “Your” Color

With the color theory in mind, it’s time to think about your personal palette.

Skin tone plays a vital role in color looks. A rule of thumb; you should not use the same color as the base paint, but a color similar to the base color temperature. For example, my skin has a yellowish undertone with a lower color temperature, so I avoid most yellow or Champagne prom dresses. However, I look great in cool jewelry shades like sapphire and emerald. Confused? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

First, you need to figure out your own undertone and temperature. Next, I explain a series of tests for any skin type that you can perform yourself to help determine this.

#3. Comparing Basic Pigment

No matter what color you see, you can pinch the back of your hand, this is your foundation! If you see pink or rosy, some pinks may make your skin look dull. If you see peaches or bright red, red may make you look feverish. If you see a yellowish tint, then yellow and green can make you look uncomfortable. If you do not see any particular color or only see white, it may indicate that you are neutral. In this case, further testing is required.

Try to compare your skin with the pure version of various colors. If you think you have a red base paint, hold your hand and hold something solid red. If you do have a red undertone, then you will detect the similarity between the hand and the red object, and if you compare your hand with yellow, green or pink, you will not see it. If after these tests, it is still unclear what your base paint is, then you have a neutral base paint. In this case, a neutral color(such as beige or black) is possible to wash you.

evening dresses for tall people

#4. Considering Your Hair Color

The color of your hair will also have a big impact on the color you look like most. Brunettes can wear some shades(luckily!), But they tend to shine red. The blonde turns her head to black with a bright, cool color. Pastel and turquoise red head charm. Those who have dyed colored dyes can display this Color in white, or have a unique opportunity to match their appearance with their locks! If you’re planning to dye your hair or dye highlights before special occasions, make sure to take them into consideration when shopping; you don’t want your new product to clash with your beloved Lalamira dress!

Spaghetti Straps Charmeuse V-neck A-Line/Princess Prom Dresses


After briefly comparing colors of wedding dress and prom dress, we find that in fact, for those who try to use non-white wedding dress as a wedding choice for women, they can be reused in the purchase of the wedding dress and held after the wedding, which refers to the wedding dress can be used for prom or formal event. It is so easy to explain that you can save your money to repay your prom dress after you have already bought an expensive wedding dress. Lalamira has to say if it is non-white, you will have more choice to reuse it. Why not do it! Go ahead!

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