Eat fat in winter? Never mind, come to lalamira choose your own prom dresses

What will winter bring? Learning, Christmas, New Year and Fat. Yes, because it is too cold, we will like sweets and high-calorie food more than usual. But dear, you can look at the calendar. Spring has really come.

So, are you ready for a prom dress? In winter, you can also cover your belly with a big coat. What will you do when spring comes? Have you already begun to regret why you eat so much?

Ah the season of proms and weddings is almost upon us and with it the most hectic but beautiful quest for the perfect dress. Selecting a prom dress is no easy task because you want so many things from your dress: stylish, elegant and easy to dance in.

Whenever you decide to buy a prom dress, keep your options open, flexible, don’t get stuck in a floral or black dress code only. Who knows what other amazing styles you’ll find out there AND how they look on you. I’m telling you… I’m the walking billboard for theory and practice being two different dressing situations. Whatever you choose just be confident.

Lalamira has been helping people to solve the problem of choosing prom dresses, evening dresses or homecoming dresses, and as a fashion blog, we are also paying close attention to the popular trend in spring. Don’t give up becoming beautiful in spring, you can find a prom dresses in lalamira that suits you perfectly.

The most important thing is that this skirt is not only something you can wear, but it can even make you look better. Next, let’s learn how to hide your body problems through prom dresses’ styles, materials and color matching.

1. Give up the classic black prom dress

First of all, compared with autumn and winter, the colors in spring are more colorful. Many brands will also add more color elements to the new spring products. Color must be an essential element in prom dresses design in spring 2020. how can fat girls use color to add points to their body? Do you think of dark colors in the first place, such as black and dark blue?

It has to be said that black is the thinnest color of all colors. It can help you hide some minor body problems. However, if you choose a long black prom dress, your whole person will feel “heavy” to others. Moreover, spring is a season of colors, so you can choose more colors with confidence. For example, green prom dresses and pink long prom dresses.

Of course, this is not to say that black Prom dresses are not good. after all, black prom dresses are the most classic. lalamira has also introduced many articles about classic little black dresses before. if you are interested, you can look at the previous articles.

2. abandon long prom dresses

Many large-sized girls choose extra-long dresses when choosing skirts, such as the ankle position. Do you think a skirt wrapped all over is a good choice for slimming? This is wrong. If you are not tall, you’d better not choose long skirts, especially those up to your ankles, which you must not touch.

If you are tall, you can choose the long prom dresses, but it should also be analyzed according to the specific situation. Do you know where you are fattest? If it is a thigh, you can choose a knee-length skirt to leak out your ankle, which will make your whole body look slimmer.

If you are apple-shaped, with a fat upper body but thin legs. Then A-line prom dresses must be your best choice. And it’s better to choose short ones, showing your legs, they will think you are very thin.

3. Don’t choose bitter fleabane skirt

Pengpeng skirt is very cute, isn’t it? Big skirt, very fluffy, with a lot of lace, this is how many girls love in my heart. But dear, if you are a big girl, please give up this terrible idea. Don’t make you look more inflated.

I know girls can’t escape lace, it’s so fantastic. But you should give up this option first, so many lace gathered together will make your whole person a bigger number, which is not the result you want to see.

If you are tall, have thin legs, fat is mainly in the small belly, and have charming collarbone, you can try short flat lace prom dresses. The slim legs and your collarbone, and the skirt concentrated in the middle, will make you look lovely and will not make you feel like a fat girl with a small belly.

4. solid colors prom dresses are not your only choice

Many girls feel fat and do not want to look more exaggerated, so they choose solid color prom dresses. This idea is actually unnecessary. The pattern design on many skirts can actually help you look thinner. For example, stripe design, geometric design and some large flower bud designs are very popular this spring. If these designs are used well, they will lengthen your body proportion and make you look slimmer.

Solid color design is the least error-prone design in some serious situations. If you want to take part in some important occasions, you can choose pure colors or multi-color stitching clothes, which will make you look more stable.

Price should not be the only factor you consider

I know very well the influence of the price of a garment on the buyers. However, price should not be your only consideration. You can choose to reduce some other expenses, such as buying a prom dresses that suits you and will last a long time. For fat girls, the original range of choices is very limited, if possible, appropriate to relax your shopping amount.

You can reduce some accessories and use the money on a skirt of better quality. Because people look at it from a distance, the first glance must be the skirt you are wearing, not some dispensable matching.


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