Fashion elegant formal dresses for women to attend summer wedding party

What to wear to a summer wedding as a guest? The problem bothers many girls who are going to their invited wedding. Get to know some fashionable formal dresses for wedding party.

formal dresses for guest of wedding

What to wear to a Summer wedding (for guest)?

Summer is coming, followed by the wedding season. While beautiful ceremonies and happy receptions are always exciting, they can be incredibly fun when you don’t have to spend all your time emphasizing what you’re going to wear.

These formal dresses offer a variety of options that people may need. From light floating miniskirts to flowing maxi dresses, from beautiful prints to eye-catching bright colors, our collection of styles is all-encompassing, making sure you’re stylish no matter what wedding season you’re in.

As a wedding guest, figuring out what to wear to a wedding is one of the most fun and difficult things to do. Sure, you can get a hint from the invitation, but what exactly does “optional black tie” or “holiday dress” mean? What should you wear to a formal summer wedding that is both stylish and sweat-proof? Here are suggestions and ideas for a variety of formal dresses for summer wedding.

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Casual summer wedding

For a casual wedding, you will want to look fresh and summer. A simple cocktail dress will fit well when you are in the sun. Choose bright, cheerful colors to reflect the upbeat atmosphere of a casual wedding during the day.

Summer garden wedding

Summer weddings in the garden are usually held on lovely nights. You would like to become as beautiful as the flowers around you.

Gorgeous Halter Sleeveless Chiffon Cocktail Dresses

There are no general rules of dress for a garden wedding, in addition to this, the right balance should be found between elegance and less casual. Garden weddings are usually dress-up things, but sequined formal dresses are too much.

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Formal daytime wedding

If you are invited to a well-dressed Day Wedding, find a more glamorous dress for the morning or afternoon.

Sleeveless Tulle Lace Beading Prom Dresses

For a formal day wedding, look for a chic dress with interesting details, such as a beaded neckline or bright colors. You will look neat and not like the office. If the wedding takes place outdoors, a large hat or a charming ornament will make the whole wedding even more perfect.

Evening church wedding

“Black tie” and “religious wedding” do not necessarily go well together. A strapless evening dress will look great at the reception, but in the church, it will be a little strange and rude.

Zipper Up at Side Evening Dresses

If it’s a church wedding night-black bow tie wedding, look for a stylish dress with covered shoulders or a matching jacket. This jacket helps you stay humble on religious occasions, but this dress can include decorations or pleats so that it still looks interesting if you take off the jacket on the dance floor.

Black tie wedding

Wedding invitations that say “Black Tie Optional” are probably the most confusing. Should you wear a dress? A good middle ground?

Usually, it is better to choose a dress in the shape of a simple cocktail and dress it up with elegant beading or other decorations. It’s simple and fun for a summer wedding, and you shouldn’t have any problems finding the right one for you.

Prom Dresses Fashion Floor-Length Off-the-Shoulder Sleeveless

If you’re going to a super glamorous black tie wedding, especially in big cities, you’ll want to make sure you look stylish. Choose an eye-catching floor-length dress and the fabric can move with you-such as chiffon or jersey. Do not wear heavy fabrics like satin or taffeta, as they will look inappropriate in the hot summer months.

Can a guest at a wedding wear white?

White is the embodiment of elegance. No matter what formal occasion, you will be attracted to a charming white dress, not just an ordinary wedding. Every woman wants to look beautiful on a formal occasion. If you don’t know the right dress for you, why not choose a white dress for a dance, banquet or dinner? Moreover, if you are not a bridesmaid and there are no rules to dress, you can try a white formal dress as a guest. You will be a charming lady in a beautiful white dress from the Lalamira online store.
With the advent of the wedding season, there are fashion-conscious ladies who need many chic dresses. If you want to wear white, be confident. If you are not completely satisfied with your figure, it is necessary to squeeze out some extra exercise in the gym. What’s more, leveling a series of dresses will help you. When you wear white, there is no place to hide too much and your beautiful curves will be highlighted. For slim women, a formal dress with a front slit is best suited to your appearance.

Square Neckline Sleeveless Fashion Homecoming Dresses

While there are many things to consider, a white dress that does not expose everything will create an amazing beauty effect. At the moment, there are a lot of dazzling modern dresses, and if you want to try something refreshing, you might as well put on a white vintage dress.
About how to choose a white dress, you have to think about what type of event you will attend, the things and the time of the event. For example, on a formal wedding occasion, you expect to dance a lot, then the formal dress is perfect. At the same time, with a fabric that makes your skin as breathable as chiffon, you don’t have to worry about sweating too much. You also need to choose the right cut, allowing you to move freely and comfortably throughout the night.


In general, as a guest, if you are going to attend your friend’s wedding, you have to dress well and not over a bride because it is her place and big time. Except for the above mentioned formal dresses, a lot of dresses are customized for you although you have a special size, like petite or plus size, apple shape or hourglass shape.


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