Find your perfect dress to welcome your summer formal event

Summer is not only an exciting season but also a troublesome quarter for most pretty girls because of its climate which affects their clothing. When they are going to a formal event, what kind of formal dress is perfect for them?

special occasion dresses for girls

Very excited to share top summer dresses at any formal event of the Summer season!

This time of year there was a unique thing that inspired me to start planning all things on formal dress. Perhaps because the weather becomes warmer and warmer, you are excited to remove these layers of formal dress out for the evening.

Summer comes in a few weeks and maybe you are preparing for the upcoming formal event. When looking at your calendar, you started preparing a variety of formal dresses, including attending friends’ weddings throughout the summer, baby showers, and outdoor garden parties in July. I’m sure you’re in the same boat as Lalamira. Now it’s better than ever to start picking new formal dresses for the season!

In high school, about this time of year, you started thinking about what to wear to prom. For someone who has always loved fashion, all you can think of is to find the best formal dresses that reflect your personality. Your biggest concern is finding the most prominent formal dresses from the crowd. Who wants to fit in? you did not like to dress like everyone else and finding the right formal prom dress is so important to you.

Whether you’re planning to go to prom or buy a formal dress for any occasion, Lalamira now has some of the best options, such as beautiful pink lace dresses or sexy little black dresses.

Ball-Gown Fashion Sweetheart Tulle Prom Dresses

Be sure to check out or shop to find out about your formal summer options.

Formal dresses for your special occasions

We do not emphasize what to wear for special events and ceremonies, but bring you special occasion dress options that make you feel and look special wherever you go!

Occasion 1. Birthday party

Girls, if you are no longer 10 years old or you are sweet six, or 21 years old, you should have a big birthday party. Today’s birthday parties are carefully planned things, there are always some very cool themes, all red and all-white party is definitely the first choice. Whether you’re organizing a birthday party at the cocktail bar or not, an all-red theme is sure to amaze all your guests. Lalamira’s collection of red dresses will make you spoiled. Choose from low-waisted dresses to two-piece bandage dresses.

Short/Mini Lace Homecoming Dresses

Short/Mini Satin Homecoming Dresses

However, if you plan to host a private birthday party, this special event may make you have to wear an all-white special occasion dress. You’ll wear form-fitting bandage dresses, like Jersey, or a dress with a super style like little black dresses.

Royal Blue Scoop Neck With Cocktail Dresses

Look for more gorgeous pieces in the white/beige formal dress collection at Lalamira.

Knee-Length V-neck Jersey Simple Cocktail Dresses

Occasion 2: Bachelor party

The hen party is the happiest time for you and your girlfriends, why not make the most of it? These parties require the most special formal dresses that are both comfortable and stylish, discreet and sexy. Look for inspiration from the mini formal dress, which features a one-shoulder design with such sexy cuts on the chest to one shoulder and waist side. Guaranteed to turn back!

One-Shoulder General With Cocktail Dresses

Occasion 3: Wedding ceremony

When attending a wedding, it is recommended to wear a skirt that extends above the knee and does not expose too much skin. In addition, you should comply with the dress code written on the wedding invitation. A mid-skirt or over-the-knee skirt is a safe choice. At Lalamira, you’ll find midi dresses in a variety of colors and styles for wedding guests. Check out our Midi Dress collection at the following link:

Satin Sleeveless Homecoming Dresses

Occasion 4: Formal dance

Depending on the school’s dress code, a full-length dress may be suitable for a 12-year school formal dance. If you’re going to a dance with a date, coordinate with them to see if their costume matches yours. If you go with a boy, their shirt, tie or vest/Cumberland can match your formal prom dress, top or accessories. At Lalamira, you’ll probably find the perfect formal prom dress without spending a lot of money! Please click on the link below to view our series:

Floor-Length Long Sleeves With Chiffon Evening Dresses

Occasion 5: Cocktail party

A cocktail party is largely an informal social gathering where you dress almost formally, so the dress code for a cocktail party is “formal-casual”, that is, semi-formal.

At these parties, women’s evening dresses are the most popular outfits. Black has the evening atmosphere of a cocktail party, but any dark color can be as long as you keep it unobtrusive.

Women’s clothing is a knee-length formal dress with some frills. It is acceptable if your skirt is a little higher than the knee, but you should always remember that there is only a fine line between sexy and sleazy.

Sleeveless A-Line/Princess Glamorous Cocktail Dresses

Occasion 6: Business dinner

Don’t dress too provocative at a business dinner. When it comes to a job promotion, you want to be taken seriously, and provocative wearing on any occasion in the company will not be good for you. The dress code is “smart casual”, that is, casual but suitable for work. When it comes to working, you should always stay professional.

Fashion gurus suggest that women can wear dress pants or beautiful shirts to corporate parties.

Occasion 7: Theater, ballet or opera night

There was a time when spending an evening in a theater, ballet or opera meant dressing up to show off. Women wear their formal evening dresses, gloves, and scarves to match their men, but when in summer, you can ignore these warmer accessories. If you are indoors, you can try it and choose long sleeve formal dress.

Long Sleeves A-Line/Princess Modern Satin Prom Dresses

However, it’s not like that anymore, and if you formal dress like that, you might dress too formally. Nowadays, casual clothing, jeans, and T-shirts are a common sight. This does not mean that you can not dress up for an elegant evening. Put on your cocktail dress, or choose a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Now that you’ve found all the ideal special occasions dresses to brighten up the big events in your life, what are you waiting for? Go and buy them all!


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