Flowers were traditionally used in weddings to symbol hope, fertility, and new life, as well as to ward off evil spirits

Once a bride has selected her own cheap plus size wedding dresses under 200, the attire of the little bridesmaids, flowers girls and page boys becomes a key concern and a chance to have fun and truly bring any theme or colour schemes you have in mind to life.

With little helpers, it’s worth remembering they grow fast, depending on age, so especially with shoes, don’t invest too early.

Budget and style, are of course, central considerations. Whether you are looking to go traditional and bespoke, or something more modern and relaxed, here we round up the purple flower girl dresses to consider…

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When you think of weddings, you also think of flowers. Flowers are a huge part of any wedding. From traditional to boho, to even elopements, flowers play a significant role in wedding décor and traditions. Choosing the right flowers to compliment your wedding is something many brides stress over. From color, to shape, to cost, your wedding flowers are going to be a massive part of your décor and budget.

School dress-code controversies have been trending on the web in recent months, fanning a controversy over whether schools are enforcing the rules in ways that discriminate against girls. Schools with strict dress codes often claim that such regulations prevent in-class distractions, create a workplace-like environment, reduce pressures based on socioeconomic status, and deter gang activity. However, in an age of #MeToo and easy internet access, controversy is increasingly cropping up over whether excluding students from the classroom for violating dress codes is worthwhile, and whether such rules are disproportionately enforced against girls, and especially those of color.

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