Has the bride’s wedding dress been confirmed? Then the bridesmaid’s dress should be on the agenda

What is the style of your wedding? Vintage glam, classic romance, rustic chic? If your wedding has an overall theme, it’s important that your bridesmaids’ dresses go along with this theme. The mismatched bridesmaid dress trend has become more and more popular, so if you’re planning to go this route, make sure all the dresses fit a cohesive look. Even though you want each woman to look unique in a flattering dress, it should still be apparent who is a part of the bridal party and who is not.

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It’s your big day, but usually bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their own gowns. This means that you shouldn’t choose a style that’s outrageously expensive or difficult to find. Keep your bridesmaids’ budgets in mind when browsing for potential gowns; on top of these dresses, they are also paying for the bachelorette party, pre-wedding events and possibly a gift for you.

One good budget-conscious option is to give the girls the shade you want them to wear, and allow them to choose their own dress of that color. Or, select an affordable bridesmaid dress style that comes in a variety of options, such as strapless, one-shoulder, halter, etc. These options give them the freedom to select a dress that is both flattering for them and wallet-friendly. Bonus points if you choose a color and style that they’ll be able to wear again for other events!

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However, more and more bridesmaids are not happy about that, why?

1. Not all the dresses suited all the various body types

Seems like there’s always a bigger girl who’s tugging at her dress looking miserable and uncomfortable.

2. Everyone has their own flattering colors, and no one color will fit all

According to research, people’s skin undertone is either cool, warm, or neutral. Of course, different skin undertone has to suit their own dress color. An unflattering hue can drown you out in the worst way. So, choosing the right dress color to suit bridesmaids’ undertone is important.

3. Bridesmaids often wear the dresses that the bride thought “That’s the dress!”

Yes, it isn’t wrong for a bride to have an image in her head of how she wants her wedding party to look. She often chose the dress with the color and style that can flatter her wedding.
But if bridesmaids wear the dresses that they don’t like and even unfit them, they could feel uncomfortable at the wedding.

4. Consider the Season-Is your modest bridesmaid dresses really suitable?

It’s really important to make sure your junior bridesmaid dresses match the season you’re getting married in. If your wedding is in the height of summer, you may not want to dress your girls in long dresses made from thick and heavy material and winter weddings may not be the home for mini-dresses with no cover-ups.

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The second most important pink bridesmaid dresses, after yours, has to be your bridesmaid dresses and choosing them can be hard.Nowadays there is so much choice available from sequin bridesmaid dresses to mismatched designs – how can you possibly narrow it down?

Once the bride has found her dream gown, comes the search for dresses for the bridesmaids. For the bride, it’s a quest to find the perfect set to complement the overall style of her wedding; for her ladies in waiting, it can be a fine line between supporting the bride’s wishes and a desire to look and feel great.

Stepping into the bridal party can mean navigating all kinds of unchartered wedding prep territory and the colour, style and fabric of a frock can potentially raise some touchy issues.
We’ve gathered together our top tips for choosing your bridesmaid dresses so it becomes less of a chore and more of a fun wedmin to-do.

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The modern American wedding has its fair share of silly customs. White gowns for brides, diamond engagement rings, wedding registries, extravagant receptions—the list goes on. However, many of these so-called traditions are in fact relatively recent inventions, created or perpetuated by the wedding industry. But other seemingly strange wedding behaviors, like matching bridesmaids’ dresses, go much farther back.

Once these parameters are set it is generally a good idea to let the bridesmaids choose the dress they feel most comfortable in. Selecting a style and fit of an outfit that flatters and works well with your bridesmaids’ body type is important. Each person’s body shape and size is likely to differ and bridesmaids are normally concerned about whether the fit of their outfits will suit them.

It’s easy to imagine that the uniforms the bride-to-be chooses for her bridesmaids are created in order to make herself more dazzling by comparison. That may be true for some brides, but it’s not where the tradition started.

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Beginning around Ancient Roman times (when the idea of a bridal party first arose), bridesmaids would not only dress like each other, but also just like the bride, covering the altar with nearly indistinguishable ladies. And that was the point: the bridesmaids were decoys.

Brides-to-be generally want their bridal party to coordinate with the style of their wedding, as well as for some cohesion between bridesmaids’ outfits. One common and relatively straightforward way to bring these together without being identical is to find unifying elements, such as two or three tones of the same shade in matching fabric, bearing in mind the season.

The drape and lightness of chiffon makes it a popular choice for rustic bohemian-style weddings and a good choice for warmer months while thicker, structured fabrics like satin and taffeta are ideal for modern, clean silhouettes and the cooler months, for example.

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Brides who want a particular vibe such as chic, bohemian or modern can shortlist a few different styles and look for similar dresses with slightly different features along the neckline or sleeves to create subtle differences between
each bridesmaid.

In the early days of the ritual we recognize today as the wedding, brides had a lot more than floral arrangements to worry about. Any glad tidings had the potential to attract evil spirits, for one thing—and then there were all the would-be grooms the bride had turned away. So to keep the bridal couple safe from demons and angry, rejected men, they dressed their friends in matching wedding attire. The theory was that the bevy of brides would confuse any malcontents long enough for the happy couple to get their vows on.

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Whatever the colour and style of dresses, an open dialogue between both parties can help avoid frustrations and ensure everyone looks great on the day.But even the most amazing dress can look unflattering with ill-fitting underwear, and no bridesmaid wants to be caught adjusting her undies as she walks down the aisle.

Choosing a long sleeve bridesmaid dresses is a fun, bonding activity that you and your closest girlfriends will get to experience together. Make sure they don’t become fashion victims with horrendous styles and colors that don’t flatter them. Be open and honest with these women about your ideas and goals, and ask them their opinions. Keeping a clear line of communication with them throughout the process will result in everyone’s happiness.


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