Help You Work Out The Wedding games, Father-Daughter Dance Song and Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Believe me, you will be satisfied with today’s article. Because I want to tell you some problems that don’t usually appear in articles, such as: 1. How to choose a plus size wedding dress for a large bride? 2. How to choose the guest activities at the wedding? 3. How should dad and daughter choose background music when dancing?

These are the three major themes of our article today. Follow me down. It’s best to pick up your notebook and write down some key points I said, which will really be useful in the future.

Plus Size Wedding Dress

Shopping for mermaid wedding dresses online shop can be stressful for any bride, but for the plus size bride it can be downright traumatic. We’ve all heard the horror stories of judgmental shop girls and embarrassingly small assortments that leave brides-to-be shaking in their bridal shoes.

Thankfully, we’ve got the inside scoop to help you avoid becoming another cautionary tale. With the body positive movement has come a gigantic selection of plus size dresses from size 20 up to size 44, so you can be sure that you’ll find one that makes you look and feel like your baddest, most beautiful self.

1. Call ahead

Most salons stock sample wedding gown for the “average” bride, which generally fall around a size 10. You’ll want to be sure that you can try on dresses in larger sizes, so call ahead of your visit to be sure they have a variety of plus size sample styles for you to try.

2. Leave your comfort zone

You may be married to the idea (pun intended) of an A-line silhouette, but if your bridal stylist recommends a fit and flare that she swears up and down will look gorgeous on you, then give it a go. She’s the expert, so keep an open mind and heed her advice. Worst-case scenario, you’re just not feeling it. Best-case scenario, you find the dress of your dreams!

slim fit mermaid wedding dress

slim fit mermaid wedding dress

3. Find a specialist

While you’re at it, request a specialist who’s well versed in plus size dressing to make the most of your visit. Look for someone who’s not only knowledgeable but is excited to work with you. Remember, you’re not just paying for the dress, but for your salesperson’s expertise, so take full advantage and ask plenty of questions. Take her advice to heart – she’s the expert, after all!

4. Ignore the numbers

Pricier brands often use “couture” sizing (read: teeny tiny), so your bridal size will likely be significantly higher than what you would wear in your everyday duds. Your best bet is to ignore the number entirely and focus on the overall look and fit. If you find a gown that helps channel your inner Beyoncé, then who cares about the number?

5. Don’t wait on the weight

We’re all for shedding for the wedding – or really, anything that motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle and feel your best – but don’t wait till you’ve lost the pounds to find your wedding style. Production can take anywhere from six to eight months, so wait too long and you’ll risk being limited to what’s already in stock – the B-squad of long sleeve wedding dress. Gowns can always be taken in, so worry about finding your perfect style first and fix the fit later if needed.

Wedding Guest Activities

Want to provide alternate reception activities for the non-dancers at your wedding? Or hoping to take the focus off the happy couple so you and your new spouse can have a moment to breathe? Wedding reception games can help smooth out rough spots in your day.

sleeveless sheath wedding dress

Wedding activities for guests are especially important at large or diverse events. Elderly relatives tired of standing (and younger family members bored during the toasts) will appreciate something to do with their hands. Besides, anyone attending the reception without a dance partner may appreciate something they can do solo during the slow songs. And if you and your best beloved come from different cultures, well-chosen wedding games can provide laughter across a language barrier. Or break the ice between strangers on the seating chart.

Sporty style

Low-key versions of various sports make fantastic lawn games for all skill levels. If your venue allows it, string up a volleyball net (you could even order printed beach balls to match your wedding look!) or set up a horseshoe court (a safe distance from the kids’ table, please!).

Corn toss or cornhole, the old-fashioned beanbag-tossing game, is a staple at outdoor weddings in the American South and Midwest – but if you don’t have corn toss boards, an ice bucket or a beribboned hula hoop makes a great tossing target, too. You can offer croquet mallets or bocce balls as well.

inexpensive wedding dresses online


Keep it hoppin

Bring out everyone’s inner child! If your wedding reception activities have a park to take advantage of, design a few courses in the grass or on the sidewalk. This wedding game yields to-die-for candid photos of your wedding guests. (You’ll want to encourage ladies to take off their heels for this one, of course.) Try placing two courses side-by-side and hopping down them hand-in-hand with your honey – it almost certainly won’t work, but it’ll be memorable! outdoor wedding games.

Games for Reception Halls

Lawn games for wedding receptions held outdoors are all well and good…but not much help to the couple tying the knot on New Year’s Eve in a hotel ballroom, or fleeing the lovely but sweltering summer day for the air conditioning at the Elks lodge. Never fear; there are many quieter and seated games that make great indoor activities your wedding guests are sure to remember!

Father-Daughter Dance Song

Maybe you’re planning to sway in place while dad fixes this moment in his memory … and tries to cope with being the center of attention. However you’re doing it, the perfect father-daughter dance song can make one of the most memorable moments in a day full of magic.

But how do you boil down a whole relationship into a single song? How do you start off a father-daughter wedding dance that represents who you are – not just to the father of the bride and his beautiful daughter, but to all your wedding guests?

white long sleeve mermaid wedding dress

Here are some brainstorming questions to narrow down your choices for something uniquely you:

1. What kind of personality should the dance have? Do you want to leave everyone in tears … or in stitches of laughter?

2. Is the bride comfortable with a traditional waltz or an up-tempo salsa dance … or just a particularly musical hug? How about the father of the bride – is he amerengue or Macarena guy, or is he dreading putting on his dance shoes?

3. If you’ve already picked the couple’s first dance song, do you want the father-daughter dance to flow smoothly from it? Or would you prefer more contrast?

4. What kinds of experiences do the bride and her father share? What do they do together? What’s a lesson only dad could have taught her? There might be a song about it!

When my sister-in-law got married just a couple of weeks ago, her dad announced at the rehearsal dinner that the wedding wouldn’t be complete until he’d made people cry. Between his bilingual toast and their supersweet father-daughter dance to Rascal Flatts’ “My Wish,” he met that goal!

If you want everyone reaching for a hanky, these choices show the beauty of the father-daughter wedding dance by recalling some of the special moments in their years together. Some of them might verge on the cheesy … but “cheesy” is just another way of saying “don’t mind me, I’ve got something in my eye.” A few of our weepy faves:

“Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle
“Thank You for Loving Me” by Bon Jovi
“Lullabye” by Billy Joel
“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack
“Wildflowers” by Tom Petty
“Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof


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