How does a round-faced bride choose a wedding dress? Don’t wear a high collar

The wedding dress in front of the window was glowing with pure light. The objects attached to the bride seemed to be imbued with aristocratic atmosphere and vaguely contained arrogance and sacredness. It is the warmest and most tender dream in a woman’s heart. It lies dormant quietly in the deepest part of a woman’s heart, waiting for a gust of wind to rise at any time until her heart flutters and her lace wedding dress flutters.

For girls, wedding dress is the most pure dream in their hearts. She has fantasized countless times about wearing this holy dress. She will have headaches for the style, haggle over every ounce for the fabric, and feel uneasy for her own thoughts. So how do you choose a wedding dress that suits you?

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Everyone has different stature, high and low, fat and thin, but everyone is different and unique. No matter what size the bride-to-be has, when choosing the wedding dress, they need to choose the “clothes” for the “shape”.

How does a round-faced bride choose a wedding dress? Don’t wear a high collar or round neck wedding dress, or it will make your face look rounder. A large V-neck is the best choice. It has a good stretching effect and can stretch your face well. If your shoulder line is more beautiful and you don’t like a big V-neck, a straight shoulder or a heart-shaped neck is also a good choice. If your shoulder line is not perfect, it is better to choose a regular big V-neck.

Perhaps many girls will find the big V-neck too uncomfortable. Compared with the big V, the small V-neck will be more conservative and more acceptable. After all, it is also important to be comfortable at weddings. V-neck is the embodiment of dream and nobility. The combination of aesthetic and elegant artistic conception creates a different princess dream for you.

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Pear shape is also known as a triangular figure, which is characterized by broad hips over shoulders, fat belly, thick thigh roots, but well-balanced other parts. Therefore, when pear shape’s bride chooses her simple wedding dress, she only needs to pay attention to the lower part of her body and choose a lower skirt with a sense of hierarchy to hide the heaviness of her buttocks.

Considering the obesity of our buttocks, we can use the A-shaped lower skirt to conceal the width of the buttocks by spreading from top to bottom. At the same time of improving their own shortcomings, they look even taller visually.

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Many small brides also don’t know how to choose wedding dresses. There are hundreds of wedding dresses in the wedding dress shop. They are all very beautiful, but if you want to resist, it may not be suitable for you. Perhaps what you like will make you even smaller. This kind of bride chooses the wedding dress waist line is the key, remember must choose the high waist line the wedding dress, only then waist line is high, can from the vision lengthen your body shape, will not appear five or five stature.

If you are a short and thin bride, except where you should cover it, if you have a good waist-hip ratio, you can try a fishtail wedding dress, with a fishtail design that highlights the curve of your figure, light white gauze as a foil, and a fishtail pendulum that is stacked layer upon layer to accompany you to a happy sea of flowers. If the ratio of waist to hip is not so perfect, you can consider trying a straight-tube wedding dress. It will really lengthen your height. It is simple and attractive.


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