How to choose a long formal dress for Summer?

Although Summer is a hot season, you have to prepare a long formal dress for your special occasion. Do not hesitate to do it because you will find a long formal dress that can give you a more charming and flattering appearance than a short one.

long formal dresses for summer

3 Types of Formal Dress Code

In every woman’s life, there is always a special moment, at this moment, we need to dress up for a formal event, whether it is prom, prom, birthday party, wedding or any other special formal occasion. In either case, it is absolutely necessary to choose a formal dress. Just because dress shopping can be a fun, and exciting thing, it could be stressful, and choosing the right formal dress isn’t always as easy as it looks.

In this section, we will explore what is called a formal dress code, when it is used, and what it includes to give you an idea when choosing a formal dress code.

What is the formal dress code and when do we use it? This is a very formal way to dress for events. From business evenings to wedding parties, formal events come in a wide variety of forms and colors. The dress code consists of 3 different levels, and understanding them is essential. We’ll talk about them later.

Off-the-Shoulder With Satin Sequined Bridesmaid Dresses

What does it include? As we said before, there are 3 different types of formal dress codes:

White tie: this is the most formal code. Women wear dark and floor-length evening dresses, while men wear black tuxedos with black tuxedos, white bow ties, and white vests.

Examples of women’s clothing have strapless prom dresses, gloves with tails, and long elbows. Black and white is an elegant combination. Can’t you take it? A big prom dress is enough!

Black tie: women wear cocktail dresses and classic floor dresses, men wear black tuxedo jackets with bows and vests as optional elements.

For this dress code, a dress made of fine fabrics such as embroidery, tulle, and chiffon is sufficient. Make sure you match it with nice shoes and purses.

Black tie optional: it is below the previous regulations, men can wear black tuxedos or dark suits. For women, a cocktail dress is a classic choice.

Dresses with long skirts or shorter, sleeveless, or straps with spaghetti, as well as some details, such as sequins or embroidery, are good options for this dress code.

Ruffle Modern Satin Evening Dresses

Aspects of Choosing a Formal Dress for Summer

Summer is coming and you want to redo your wardrobe? Choose a dress for formal occasions. We all have suggestions for choosing the most beautiful formal dresses.


It is Summer now, highlighting the long and smooth dresses that look feminine and stylish. If you are hesitant among several models, note that the formal dress also adapts to your silhouette. For women with small boobs, the dress will make you look more beautiful, while women with large boobs may be slightly biased towards the neck, wearing a V-neck dress, wide shoulder straps, or short sleeves. Finally, for sweet styling, use liquid material and bend the cut under the chest.

Sleeveless V-neck Floor-Length Dress


Depending on the event, the dress can also be adapted. Sunny days will bring pastel colors and powdery things, just like weddings! Similarly, on a night with a friend or lover, you can choose a darker reason, metallic color, or even Aztec print, leopard print or zebra print. For long dresses, Purple, Coral, Blue, and Bordeaux colors will not hesitate to adopt. Finally, for large events in the evening, eternal black can also be considered.

Scoop Neck Prom Dresses


If the trend is different every year, then there are some basic trends that are eternal. In fact, for long dresses, some can easily pass through the season. For example, you can easily come up with last year’s free dress, while matching the right shoes. Similarly, prints, jungle patterns, and geometric patterns are prone to appear every summer. In your night, the open back, openwork pattern, and strapless lace can also bring a touch of elegance. With regard to color, you will never make mistakes in pink, white, plum, or even navy.

Sleeveless Trumpet/Mermaid Lace Halter Prom Dresses


For a more refined and feminine look, long dresses are the perfect example of clothing accessories. For example, if you want to change the straight cut, it is quite possible to add a fine layer of leather to the belt. For jewelry, if your dress has a neckline, dress it up with a delicate necklace or necklace. Similarly, for short sleeves or sleeveless summer dresses, metal cuffs can add a little charm to your outfit. Finally, for a bohemian and chic look, a hat is an indispensable accessory that is easy to combine with a long dress.

Cowl Neck With Sequined Evening Dresses

Formal Dresses Samples

Sleeveless Sequin Formal Dress

Chiffon Regular Straps V-neck Empire Prom Dresses

This absolutely beautiful sleeveless formal dress uses the perfect combination of materials, combining chiffon and sequins perfectly. This stunning dress with a V-neck and a-line skirt will make you feel like the star of the night at a formal event.

V-Neck Formal Dress

V-neck Chiffon Floor-Length Prom Dresses

This stunning formal dress is decorated with delicate decals and ruffles for a romantic feel, while the skirt is made of soft chiffon. This absolutely stunning, romantic classic V-neck dress is perfect for any formal occasion.

Sequin Formal Dress

Floor-Length Sequins Evening Dresses Short Sleeves

This completely exquisite dress comes with a mopping maxi dress, a fishtail skirt made of lace with sequins, a classic v-cut, short sleeves, and a delicate sequin decoration. If you are looking for a dress that is full of beautiful details but maintains an elegant style, this may be the perfect choice for your formal party.

Mermaid Formal Dress

Sweep Train Chiffon Evening Dress

If you do not want to show too much, at the same time elegant and sexy, this stylish long evening dress will be the best choice for you to attend a formal event. It features a long fishtail skirt and long transparent sleeves. The dress is made entirely of chiffon and lace, which is a great option if you do not want to wear jewelry.

Welcome to get more dresses for formal occasions and comment on the below!


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