How to make your friends become your bridesmaids? Here’s a list of Bridesmaid dresses and gifts for you

Are you wondering how you are going to propose to your best friends to be bridesmaids? Asking your friends to be bridesmaids or a maid of honor with bridesmaid gifts is almost as exciting as getting engaged, and to be honest – coming up with fun bridesmaid proposal ideas is only half the fun!

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From gathering your girls together for a fun gift-giving party or delivering them individually, the element of surprise makes the whole experience so memorable. To help you get started, we’ve come up with a big list of our favorite creative ways to ask your bridesmaids!

It’s hard to say ‘I do’ without your closest friends and family with you on the big day, so when it’s time to put your wedding party together, you should try to make it memorable when you ask them to be in your wedding! A bridesmaid proposal is exciting, fun, and, most of all, a meaningful way to let your friends know just how much you care for their support. Here is the ultimate list of bridesmaid proposal gift ideas that will have your friends screaming with excitement when you ask, “will you be my bridesmaid?”

1. Who Should Buy the Bridesmaid Robes (or Alternatives)?

99% of the time, the bride will be the one deciding whether or not she wants to incorporate robes into her wedding day. Bridesmaid robes are a fun ‘extra’ that the bride-to-be can purchase for her bridesmaids if she so chooses. Almost always, the robes act as a ‘thank you’ gift from the bride to her girls for being in the wedding! Because of that, bridesmaids should not be expected to buy their own bridesmaids robes, unless it’s a unanimous decision among everyone.

If the bride does decide to gift bridesmaid robes as a thank you, here’s an adorable, and customizable, card to include with the gift. Your bridesmaids will absolutely love the thoughtfulness! Plus, this card is fitting since it features bridesmaids in their new robes!

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2. What Should You Wear Under Bridesmaid Robes?

Everyone talks about how cute the robes are going to look, but many forget to plan what to wear under it! Let’s face it, bridesmaid robes can sometimes be a bit tricky when it comes to making sure everything is covered. So, it’s a good idea to discuss beforehand what options to consider for undergarments.

In order for you and your girls to feel secure and confident, without compromising your cute look, here’s an option for you! Wear loose shorts, either athletic or pajama, with a cami tank top. (Just make sure the shorts stop at a length shorter than the robe.) When choosing the top, it’s important that your girls pick one that can be removed without ruining hair and makeup!

3. How to Fold Bridesmaid Robes

So, you’ve bought the cutest bridesmaid robes, and you can’t wait to give them to your girls! Now, you’re probably wondering what the best way to present the robes to your bridal party might be! Since they are typically wrinkle-prone, it’s important to wrap the bridesmaid robes in a certain way.

The simplest way to achieve an adorable presentation is by not folding, but rolling your bridesmaid robes. To do so, lay the robe on a flat surface with the front side facing up. Fold in the arms and sides so that the bridesmaid robe resembles a rectangular shape. Then, roll tightly from the bottom up. To finish, wrap the belt around the rolled robe and tie it into a bow. This method is especially helpful when wrapping silk bridesmaid robes!

4. When to Give Your Bridesmaids their Robes (or Alternatives)

When it comes to gifting the bridesmaid robes, when is the best time to do so? While there is no right or wrong time to give this amazing gift, we have some ideas for you! Some brides choose to plan bridesmaid proposals for their future bridal parties.

If that sounds like something you’d want to do, it would be a fun idea to incorporate the robe in with a little gift box! Or, if you’re looking to surprise your girls closer to the big day, you could give them the gift at the rehearsal dinner. The actual wedding day is an option, too! This works best if you have forgetful friends, as they can’t leave their robes at home!

If you want to ask your best friends in a big way, then you need to consider getting more than one item. That is why you should consider giving your bridesmaids an entire box of bridesmaid goodies! These pretty and elegant boxes are sure to be loved by your girls. Who can say no to these?

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cheap bridesmaid dresses








Scratch Off Card

This Bridesmaids proposal idea isn’t your average proposal card, it’s actually a scratch-off! Give your bridesmaids this scratch-off that is too cute for words! You can even write a personal message for each of your soon-to-be ‘maids.

Custom Shot Glass

Wouldn’t it be fun to get your girls together, pour some shots, and let them find the personalized message on the side of these shot glasses? This customer-favorite shot glass is one of the best ways to ask your friends to be in your bridal party!

Personalized Necklaces

This simple and sweet personalized initial necklace is sure to be a winner among your bridesmaids. Something your ‘maids can wear at your wedding, and long after the big day, this necklace is the perfect bridesmaid gift!

Custom Makeup Bag

This is a creative bridesmaid gift is a great way to ask your closest friends because its simple, customizable, a bag for makeup perfect for all of your girls and their cosmetics. It’s also perfect for the girls to use on the big wedding day!

How to choose bridesmaid dress?

After choosing a gift for bridesmaids, you should think about bridesmaid dress. When it comes to choosing bridesmaid dress, you will find that it is not simple at all. You should think a lot and worry about many people.

One of the most stressful things for most brides is finding the perfect bridesmaid dress for each and every girl. From coordinating colors to styles to different body types, it can be a difficult road! LaLamira bridesmaid dresses range in price from $130-$260, so there’s something for everyone in this collection! From sparkles to floral patterns to flowy chiffon gowns, there’s something for everyone here! Check out our collection of LaLamira bridesmaid dresses and book an appointment with us today!

When it comes to velvet, just know that this trend took us by surprise too. We had no clue that we were staring down the barrel of a gun that is 70s fashion as we headed into the 2010s (and now 2020). And now that the 70s have crept up on us, velvet bridesmaid dresses are now all the craze in the wedding industry!

velvet bridesmaid dresses

velvet bridesmaid dresses








Whether you’re looking for bridesmaid robes with names, lace trim, or ruffles, you’ve come to the right place! (We also offer some robe advice along the way!) Or, if you’re searching for bridesmaid robe alternatives, we have you covered. Check out some of our favorite ideas below for inspiration.

When it comes to bridesmaid robes, there are so many different options! From the pattern to the fabric, how do you choose the best bridesmaid robe?! Well, we’re here to help you narrow down the choices. From the adorable floral print, to bridesmaid robes with lace trim, here’s a list of our favorite options! We hope you love them!

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