Is white wedding dress the mainstream? I didn’t expect a black wedding dress to be so beautiful!

Wedding is the most sacred thing in a girl’s life, and the wedding dress is an indispensable holy garment. The magic yarn as thin as cicada’s wings and the lace skirt on the floor, etc. all make girls have no resistance to it. Wedding dress is probably a part of girls’ nature.

When people talk about wedding dresses, they often think that white is the mainstream, which makes people feel holy. I don’t know, fashion has changed so fast that black wedding dresses are becoming white wedding dresses

If the white wedding dress is elegant and has all the fairy temperament, then the black wedding dress is no less than the white wedding dress, but it will show the elegance and nobility of beauty. How do you let your wedding not fall into the rut, take a look at the below black wedding dresses?

Since Victorian times, white has been the traditional color worn by brides on special days. While the White looks classically lovely, it’s not the only option for the bride. There are many other color options for those who are willing to forgo tradition and pursue something more unique. Black is particularly suitable as a wedding dress choice. This dark shade is perfect for the bride in pursuit of fashion.

Black Wedding Dresses History

Before the Victorian era, brides married in any color, and black was particularly popular in Scandinavia. In the 19th century, they began to wear dark dresses, usually black.

Then white dresses became exclusive to the elite class, they are clearly willing to spend so much money on such expensive dresses, and these dresses are easily ruined! After the Second World War, the middle class caught up with the trend. Still, the bride was wearing a black wedding dress, and for the most part, the bride who had recently lost a loved one. Interestingly, in Spanish culture, Roman Catholic brides wear black clothing, symbolizing their love for marriage until death.

But in the late 1800s, “blacks” had very negative connotations, mostly related to death and mourning. Later, this becomes a huge taboo for the mother of the bride or groom to even wear black clothes, as this means regret for marriage or choosing a spouse!

But the madness is over because today “black” is considered the king of all colors and is by far the most elegant and refined shade that women can wear.

In the future, modern brides are tipping over” all dressed in white clichés ” to let the rainbow colors invade Bridal Fashion.

7 Recommended Black Wedding Dresses

#1 Black lace wedding dress

One of the best ways to wear black on a wedding day is to wear a lace dress. Black lace incredibly romantic and elegant, making it a great choice for wedding dresses. All you need to do is choose the style and silhouette that best suits you. Although the lace design from head to toe is very luxurious, only with a little lace style can show exquisite beauty. However, whichever you choose, you can easily wear your wedding dress again after a hard day.

#2 Plus size black wedding dresses

The curvy bride can also shake the black wedding dress as needed. Black dress is a wonderful, flattering choice that can mask any problem area and highlight your feminine silhouette. All you need to do is to make sure you choose the right style. The mermaid wedding dress will beautifully show the hourglass shape, while the A-line design draws attention away from the tummy and thighs. If you want to show off your legs, consider a shorter one, too.

Plus size black wedding dresses


#3 Black and gold wedding dresses

Your wedding day offers the perfect opportunity to embrace glamour and choose a luxurious look. For this, you should consider the option to wear a black and gold wedding dress. This look achieves a stunning look by combining rich black and glistening gold. To try it yourself, choose a black dress with gold embroidery or embellishment.

Black and gold wedding dresses

#4 Black and white wedding dresses

If you’re going to wear a black wedding dress, but aren’t sure about giving up the classic white altogether, why not embrace these two shades? Mix black and white, you can maintain a sense of tradition, but also to show their own unique style. Best of all, this look can be easily customized to fit your feel on the big day. If you want a subtle look, choose a white dress with a hint of black. For a more intense look, choose a black style with white.

Black and white wedding dresses

#5 Black and purple wedding dresses

Dark and sensual purple tones make dark black a beautiful companion. Thus, the two shades are perfectly combined to achieve a bold and feminine bridal look. To wear this pair of clothes, you can consider a purple dress, with black lace. You can choose between bright violet and muted lavender shades to find the look that best suits you. However, don’t forget to consider your skin tone during this process.

Black and purple wedding dresses

#6 Black and blue wedding dresses

Married in winter? Why not wear a cool black and blue dress to embrace the icy season? This gorgeous color combination provides the perfect match for a cold special day. All you need to do is choose the right shade of blue for you. The rich navy tones will look grand and sophisticated, while the soft light blue will present a magical look. For a bolder look, you might also consider opting for a bright royal pop. Either way, you’ll always have something” blue.”

Black and blue wedding dresses

#7 Red and black wedding dresses

Black and red wedding dress although you can let the fear, still can be a great choice. By combining two bold shades, a red and black dress will make your special day look eye-catching and unmissable. To keep the look stunning, you should first identify the desired shade of red. To do this, consider both your skin tone and the tone strength you want. If you want a clear look, choose a bright apple candy color. If you want a more subtle look, choose dark red.

Red and black wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses Tips

In fact, black wedding dresses were worn several centuries ago in different cultures. For example, in Europe, what color wedding dress the bride wears, or the best dress they have, no matter what color or hue they wear. White wedding dress traditionally originated in England, Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at the wedding. Since then, it has become a tradition for brides to wear white dresses at weddings. Brides who want to stand out, and be their own brides are satisfied with these new colorful trends.

Before the 19th century, people did not have a white wedding dress for the wedding, but to wear their most beautiful dresses, often not white. In Spain, black wedding dresses represent loyalty, meaning that the bride’s love for the groom will never die. Black, gives a calm, deep and unfathomable, mysterious feeling, and in the fashion industry, black represents a stable, solemn style. Black wedding dress exudes a fascinating high-grade aristocratic atmosphere, very modern. Such a wedding where will show full of personality!

black wedding dresses

Wearing a black wedding dress can make the bride more noble and elegant, and black gauze is more solemn at the weddings or some formal events, so more and more young brides are also accepting black wedding dresses.


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