It’s Finally Time to Start Thinking About Prom, And, of Course, Prom Dresses

It’s finally time to start thinking about prom, and, of course, elegant lace prom dresses! From making mood boards to scouring the Internet, a lot of effort goes into finding the perfect look — but that’s part of the fun, right?

Luckily for you, designers thought of everything this year, meaning there are tons of unique and pretty styles no matter your size or budget. Whether you’re going for a long princess gown, a frothy party frock, or something a little bit different, you’ll have more than enough options for the biggest night of the year.

Just when you thought that you’d left your awkward teenage years behind for good, the latest crop of prom dresses is bringing back all the feels. In fact, they’re so good, you just might be tempted to snag one for yourself. Between swoon-inducing tulle skirts and debutante-inspired ball gowns in every color of the rainbow, there’s no shortage of look-at dresses to go around. In stark comparison to the cringe-worthy prom dress that you may or may not still regret to this very day, these frocks are guaranteed to fit the bill come springtime. You’re going to need one (or all) of these prom-like dresses on standby. You’re welcome. For the prom 2019 season, senior prom sales represent 56% of total prom sales, while junior prom dress purchases account for 44% of prom sales.

Sleeveless Long Styles with V-Necklines Prevail
long prom dress styles account for 93% of all prom sales so far this season, so it is no surprise that the top 20 styles sold online for junior and senior prom were long dresses. Another trend that is prevalent across all top 20 junior and senior prom dresses is that most of the dresses were sleeveless with either spaghetti straps or thin shoulder straps. Among the top 20 junior prom dress styles (which represent 13% of all junior prom dress sales), 95% of the dresses had spaghetti or thin shoulder straps, and one dress was off-the-shoulder. Prom goers continue to favor v-necklines, since 85% out of the top 20 prom styles for junior and senior prom had slight or plunging v-necks. It is clear that a sleeveless v-neck bodice is one of the top style features for junior and senior prom dresses this season.

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A-Line Silhouettes Are In-Line for Prom
Another strong trend among the top-selling prom styles is an a-line silhouette. Of the top senior prom dresses sold (which represents 15% of all senior prom sales), 65% styles had a-line silhouettes, while the remaining seven were form-fitting mermaid or sheath designs. With 75% of the top 20 junior prom dresses cut in a-line styles, this trend is even more dominant for junior prom than senior prom.

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Forget your date – everyone knows that the most important element of any teenager’s prom is her long sleeve prom dresses.


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