Long Sleeves Lace Flower Girl Dresses Match Your Princess Perfectly

Lace is a good match and a choice for any woman. They inevitably become the first choice in the public mind because lace can meet the needs of their young girls. Therefore, lace flower girl dress is also standard for girl’s clothing.

long sleeves lace flower girl dresses

Long Sleeves Lace Flower Girl Dresses

Although the summer is upcoming, preparations for summer weddings are in full effect. Newlyweds that are having gorgeous summer weddings expect colorful leaves, slightly higher temperatures and apple pies. Being that the date is approaching and organization is coming to a finish, with choosing a dress and suit it’s very important to pick dresses for your flower girls. Because it will be summer, the temperatures will get higher, so it’s good to opt for long sleeves flower girl dresses.

Lace Flower Girl Dress

Ankle-length Lace Long Sleeves Flower Girl Dresses

Beautiful bohemian dresses are one of the favorites for summer weddings. This dress has gorgeous long sleeves made of lace. Dress is long and will be very easy to combine with other accessories. For summer wedding, we recommend a flower crown in wine color and a rich flower bouquet.

Simple Flower Girl Dress

Tea-length Simple Lace Flower Girl Dress

Whether you are having a casual celebration or a formal bash, this simple flower girl dress will do a job. It features three-quarter lace sleeves and a round neckline. Dress comes in three different colors – navy, ivory and champagne.

Complete the look with this beautiful handmade blush artificial wedding headpiece from Lalamira.

Dark Blue Lace Flower Girl Dress

Princess Flower Girl Dresses Tea-length

Dark blue is one of the favorites when it comes to flower girl dresses. You can quite often see flower girls in that color. It is very easy to combine, it’s elegant and sophisticated. This dress is just that. It is made of quality lace and has long sleeves. It is ideal for small and big girls. Combine the dress with dark blue shoes and a white wreath.

Sweetheart Lace Flower Girl Dress

Ball Gown Floor-length Flower Girl Dress

Your flower girls will look so lovely in this adorable lace dress. It features delicate lace long sleeves and a lined sweetheart neckline. It is lined with soft cotton fabric for comfort and a side zipper for easy wear. And also a stunning rhinestone sash adds just the right amount of bling to make this dress even more spectacular! Best of all, you can match the color of the sash to the bridesmaid dresses for a look that ties in the entire bridal party together.

Vintage-Inspired Flower Girl Dress

Scoop Neck Empire Flower Girl Dress

If you’ll have multiple flower girls of different ages, this vintage flower girl dress might be a great option. It is available in sizes 12 months to 11 years old. And it is too cute for words! Dress has long sleeves with a straight-across neckline and a gorgeous bow in the back made of satin. The detail work on the lace is something that will catch all eyes. Best of all, it has a high-quality cotton slip under the lace, so it will be comfy too.

6 Tips For Choosing A Flower Girl Dress

Perhaps no member of the bridal party draws more attention than the flower girl. All eyes will be on the little girl as she walks down the aisle. She would be tossing petals and smiling adorably for the cameras. Whether your flower girl is a niece, cousin, sister, or family friend, wearing the perfect flower girl dress will make her feel special and confident throughout the big day. Here are six factors to think about when choosing a flower girl dress.

Scoop Neck Ball Gown Flower Girl Dress

Ball-Gown Princess Floor-length Flower Girl Dress

Tips 1: Style

When choosing the style of your flower girl’s dress, keep in mind that you want to stay within the style of the wedding. As she is walking down the aisle in front of the bride, all eyes in the room will be on her first. You can stay calm in knowing that even though wedding styles have dramatically changed over the years, the style of the flower girl dress has not changed that much.

You can choose to have this beautiful little girl’s flower dress made into a special little version of the bride’s wedding gown or even a flower girl version of the bridesmaids’ dresses. As long as you tie the style of her dress into the style of the wedding somehow, you will be fine with style.

Tips 2: Season

Flower girls should don attire that works with the season. Stick with short sleeves and open-toed shoes for warm-weather weddings. And consider adding tights or sweaters to the ensemble for cold-weather weddings. That way, she won’t be too hot or cold throughout the day. Before you decide on tights for a cooler season wedding, keep in mind of the flower girl’s age. You also want to pick your flower girl dress in accordance with what colors are for the season, just as you did when you set your wedding date.

Tips 3: Color

When choosing the color of your little flower girl’s dress, you also want to maintain the colors of the wedding. If you choose to go with having her dress in a miniature version of the bride’s gown, but you still want some color in it, you can incorporate some of the color schemes by putting pretty ribbons and bows in her hair or maybe some small flowers pinned on her dress (carefully of course). You could also just use a colored floral accent that will match the color in the bridesmaid dresses.

Tips 4: Fabric

While the fabric of the flower girl dress should match the wedding aesthetic, stay away from anything too heavy, stiff, or itchy. Since the flower girl will likely move around while wearing the gown, choose something that resists wrinkles and rips, like satin, one of the most popular fabrics for flower girl dresses, which is durable and comfortable. Chiffon and organza are also safe choices for layering, and tulle can be used as an accent fabric to lend ballerina vibe to any dress. Avoid silk; although the material is extremely comfortable, it tears easily and costs a lot.

Tips 5: Budget

A bride-to-be can buy a flower girl dress at many places, such as bridal shops, online retailers, and department stores. Some brides opt for dresses specifically designed for flower girls. And others go the more affordable route and buy a party dress. Before settling on a dress, always check the price with the flower girl’s parents, since they’ll likely pay for it. Out of courtesy, try to stay away from anything overly expensive. The parents can also choose from a couple of different options. Or give them free rein over choosing any dress in a particular color.

Tips 6: Length

There are two different lengths that you should consider when picking your flower girl dress, floor-length and tea-length. If you choose tea-length, make sure the socks or tights that you choose to go with it are appropriate for the style of the dress you choose. If you decide to go with floor-length, make sure that your flower girl will not trip over. Most flower girl dresses are short for a reason; The last thing you want is her tripping and falling while walking down the aisle. It looks adorable, but in the end, it’s not worth the risk. If your flower girl is older, go for the longer dress. If she’s younger, stick with a short frock.

Scoop Neck Long Sleeves Flower Girl Dresses Lace Bow(s)

Ball Gown Floor-length/Sweep Train Flower Girl Dress








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