Mix and matching bridesmaids is an awesome way to add a playful touch to your wedding day

One of the latest bridal trends is allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dress with little or no restrictions. Historically, brides chose one style of dress in one color that is worn by the entire bridal party. This new “mix & match” concept can mean a couple of things: the bride chooses a specific color, and the bridesmaids wear a variety of styles in that color, or the bride lets the bridesmaids pick both the color and the style of long sleeve bridesmaid dresses. While this flexibility and creativity can be a great thing, the reality is it can cause unnecessary stress for both the bride and bridal party.

long sleeve bridesmaid dresses

Your maids are a big part of what makes your wedding day so special. Having your closest girls beside you as you devote all of yourself to the love of your life makes the day even more beautiful! In the past few years, there has been a change in the bridal industry to focus more heavily on bridesmaids and the overall look of your wedding.

Through social media and magazines, many brides are paying more attention to the color palette that they choose and are finding unique ways to make their maids both compliment their overall vision and stand out individually.Brides who embrace the “mix & match” idea spend additional time approving bridesmaid’s choices, worrying about color matches and debating if styles will blend with their gown.

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ridesmaids can get confused without guidelines and worry their choice won’t work for the bride. Bridal photos can lack continuity as a result of multiple styles & colors. However, when this trend is done well it can look amazing! Since this trend emerged we have had many brides looking for the best way to accomplish the look with the least amount of stress.

The mix & match trend has become popular over the past few years, but has made it’s appearance at full force this year! Brides are letting their bridesmaids choose styles that showcase their own personality while keeping to a specific color palette. Mixing and matching goes beyond just styles, bridesmaids are now choosing different fabrics such as sequins, tulle, and chiffon combining multiple textures for an overall look.

If you are doing one color pick one designer, one fabric, and order them together. This eliminates any variation in color due to different dye lots and textures. All fabrics pick up color and lighting differently. If you are having your bridesmaids in a color pallet decide what colors will work on each girl and where they will be standing so there is uniformity.

gold sequin bridesmaid dresses

Florals are unique and add a completely different element to your wedding look. Floral patterns can be subtle to compliment and blend in or more dramatic to stand out and make a statement. One thing we have seen that brides have done is put their maid of honor in a floral print dress to set her a part from the other girls. Florals have also gone right along with the bohemian trend by combining flower crowns with ethereal floral gowns.

Mix and matching bridesmaids is an awesome way to add a playful touch to your wedding day, but don’t feel bad if you want one dress and one color. We have seen many brides feel pressured to let their girls choose and it can become overwhelming if that is not what you want to do.

The old saying, “You can shorten it and wear it again,” is just not true. Of course there may be a few dresses that they would do that with, but more than likely they will always look at the dress as a lace bridesmaid dresses. That is OK! They are a bridesmaid and are happy to make you happy. When their time comes they will want the same support.


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