Online Dress Shop – LaLaMira: How To Choose The Best Winter/Spring Prom Dresses 2020

“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”- Ode to the West Wind

Just like Shelley said, the winter has arrived, and the spring is about to come quietly. And for those who struggle with spring and winter prom dress, how to get the best one is their problem. LaLaMira, as a professional online dress shop, will help you how to choose your best prom dress 2020.

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Prom Dresses 2020: How To Get A Perfect Dress

There are so many prom dresses to choose from, so how do you choose the one that best reflects your own taste and style? At the same time flattering your body type and complexion. It seems like a challenge, especially with so many options! We are here to help you find the best prom dresses.

Top Prom Dress Necklines

One of the most important features of any outfit is the neckline. It can be low-key or eye-catching that you want or revealing or modest that you feel comfortable with. Here are the biggest neckline/corset trends of the year 2020. These are the most common ones you’ll find in many clothing collections, although you can easily find whatever type you think is best for you.

V-neck-this simple v-neck prom dress is big news this season, especially with simple spaghetti straps. These narrow straps have an early ‘ 00 fashion sense, simple and stylish. Another great advantage is that this is an easy-to-wear collar, just add a typical strapless bra underneath.

Sheer illusion-sheer neckline means that the real neckline is made of sheer fabric, while the other shape is made of embellishments, appliqués, etc. This looks very modern and eye-catching, while also providing simple support.

Strapless-while classic sweetheart is still pretty at the ball, the popularity of strapless necklines has risen sharply this year. The strapless prom dress offers a tiny and elegant option and is easy to wear all night long.

Crew neck-high-necked crew neck is very simple and refined, especially when paired with long sleeves and a corset.

Off-the-shoulder-the off-the-shoulder prom dress can be paired with several neckline styles, another very popular style in 2020.

Fashion Design Features Of Prom Dresses For 2020

For the year 2020, the perfect outfit is the one to show off your sense of style! That means including some of the top features that everyone is crazy about for this season. Here are the main points to note:

Sequins-sequins are one of the biggest prom trends of the year 2020! These charming decorations can be seen everywhere and in different colors. You can wear silver, rose gold or Golden eternity. You can shine in a variety of shades or gemstone shades, such as royal blue. Sequins can be just a small feature on the bodice, or you can decorate it from head to toe. The choice is yours!

High slits-we’re all recreating the famous Angelina Jolie red carpet leg slits moment. High leg seams are the most popular feature in 2020 and also a great way to show off your legs/shoes.

Backless-backless dress is a new way to show skin without being too exposed. This can be completely open, you can also include lacing criss-cross details, incisions and so on. There are many options, and this is a unique way to make your choice of clothing stand out.

Metallic / glitter fabric-shiny prom dresses are right there! If you don’t like sequins, you can also choose metal or shiny fabric to create a similar atmosphere.

Classic ball gown-the line gown style is back to the fashion trend and makes you feel like a modern princess. Pay attention to the beautiful style, with a transparent floral applique bodice or spaghetti straps.

Winter/Spring Prom Dresses: How To Stand Out In Cold Season

If you are going to attend the 2020 prom, you will want to stand out and be confident on this important night. Now that the school is back in school, the ball will soon be one of the hottest topics. This is an exciting event for every teenager, and everyone will remember it for many years.

Fashion Tips

Order a unique prom dress

A good way to make sure you’re wearing a completely unique skirt at the prom is to order it in advance. For example, most girls in your area may shop in your local town or several stores in the city. This means that the selection is limited to the clothes in stock near you.

This really cuts down on your options-so to broaden your fashion horizons, check out your nearest Jovani retailer. You can order any of the dresses from the 2020 prom series. This gives you instant access to thousands of pieces of clothing, not just a few in-store lingerie outfits. This will allow you to find things that others will not have.

Attention to detail

If you really want to take those prom photos, you need an eye-popping dress. This means that a dress will turn around for one reason or another. One of the hottest trends for prom 2020 is full sequins and metallic dresses.

These not only provide a simple matte fabric but also capture all the light that is aimed at them and let you shine on others. If sequins are too exaggerated for your taste, try a ball gown dress in satin or velvet-both are an unexpected choice for the ball and still look charming, but a little softer.

Wear prints or eye-catching colors

Printed prom dresses can stand out among a whole bunch of lumpy colored prom dresses, which are the most common choices. The range of prints ranges from subtle designs that add texture to oversized flower or animal prints.

If prints don’t work for you, another great way to make an impact is through color. Many prom dresses are made in the usual shades of burgundy, navy, black and white. If you really want to change the status quo, pay attention to unusual colors, such as yellow, orange, pink, purple and so on. This can be as bold and bright as you wish.

Play with length and style

If total maximization doesn’t work for you, there are many subtle ways to give you an edge at prom. We like to choose a skirt with a slightly different skirt than the usual full length. For example, a high-low ball gown with a short front and a long back. This can include high slits or asymmetrical cuts.

The same applies to the rest of the skirt silhouette. Look for some somewhat unusual design features, such as an open back with crossed straps, a unique neckline that is not a typical shape, or even a sheer illusion feature somewhere on the bodice. Frills, ruching details and ruffles add a whole new dimension to the ball gown.

Wear it with confidence

Whatever you decide, be sure to wear prom dresses with complete confidence. Slide into the red carpet mode to make this moment unforgettable.

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