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I know there’s been a bit of trouble recently, maybe you cancelled a lot of trips, but we should always expect something. Do you know how women make themselves feel better? Shopping must be a good choice!While many girls start looking for dresses in March or even as late as April, getting a head start on the process will ensure that, when it comes time to post those Prom pictures on Facebook, you’ll be the one standing out from the crowd.

nordstrom prom dresses

The first time you step into a prom dress boutique can be overwhelming. As you look around at all your options, you might find it hard to narrow down your choices, and it would take days to try on all of the dresses. Luckily, prom dress shopping doesn’t have to be this challenging. With a little prep work, you will love your shopping experience. Use these tips for prom dress shopping so you can find a dress you adore with minimal stress.

We know it can be fun to gather a group of your best friends and scour the dress racks until you find the perfect gown for each girl in the group. However, your expectations for a fun afternoon out can quickly turn into a chaotic day of waiting in line for the dressing room and feeling overwhelmed by all the activity. We recommend limiting your group to one or two additional people.

off the shoulder prom dress

off the shoulder prom dress

Princess, empire, mermaid, sheath, cap sleeves, regular straps, sweetheart, cowl neck . . . With countless options available, shopping for cheap prom dresses can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the lingo. Read up on the common prom dress styles, and you’ll save yourself the trouble of googling different terms while shopping. Plus, being able to clearly explain what you want to your stylist will ensure that your shopping experience is both productive and fun.

Sometimes a dress looks gorgeous on the hanger but lackluster on your figure. Save yourself time and disappointment by researching the best types of dresses for your body shape:

Hourglass Figure: If you have an hourglass figure, reach for mermaid gowns and any dress type that cinches at the waist, like an A-line prom dress.

Pear Figure: For women with wider hips and narrow shoulders, dresses with wide necklines can even out the body’s proportions.

Petite Figure: If you’re short, don’t shy away from full-length dresses. Long dresses can actually add visual height, especially if they have a deep V-neck.

Tall Figure: Why not embrace your height and go with a ballgown dress? This style isn’t as flattering on shorter women, but it actually evens out the height on taller women.

While this is one of our top tips for long sleeve prom dresses shopping, you can ignore it if you like. Even if conventional wisdom says that a particular style won’t suit your body type, feel free to rock it anyway! Find the dress you love most.

satin prom dress

satin prom dress

The silhouette of your dress can transform your entire look. So when you’re out rummaging through the racks for your dream prom dress, try on a couple different silhouettes and choose the one that makes you light up. Look for the following types of silhouettes as you browse prom dress styles:

Princess: This type of dress draws in near the waist and flows outward towards the ground. People also call this type of dress an A-line dress, because its shape resembles an uppercase A.

Empire: An empire dress has a raised waistline that falls just below the bust. When paired with a v-neck, an empire dress is very flattering on those with a smaller bust.

Mermaid: A mermaid gown is a great way to show off your beautiful curves. It follows the outline of your bust, waist, and hips before flaring out right below the knee.

Sheath: Just like a mermaid dress, a sheath dress can complement an hourglass figure. Sheath dresses follow the shape of your figure, but they do not flare out below the knees like mermaid dresses.

red mermaid prom dress

red mermaid prom dress

The best strap style for your dress is a personal choice. Figure out which strap style suits you by playing the dress-up game. Here are some common strap styles that you’ll come across in your search for a prom dress:

Spaghetti Straps: A spaghetti strap is a thin shoulder strap, comparable in size to a piece of spaghetti pasta.

Regular Straps: If you hear a dress stylist referring to regular straps, he or she is probably talking about straps that fall between spaghetti straps and cap sleeves in size. Regular straps provide more support than spaghetti straps.

Cap Sleeves: Cap sleeves typically lay on your shoulders, extending a short distance from the shoulder and then tapering to nothing under the arm. Although they’re referred to as sleeves, they are similar to straps in size and function.

Strapless: Before you purchase a prom dress without straps, it is a good idea to buy an affordable, casual, and strapless dress to wear around. If you catch yourself constantly adjusting the dress or feeling uncomfortable, choose a prom dress with straps.

princess prom dresses

princess prom dresses

Neckline Styles

A neckline can also dramatically change the look of a dress. The shape and height of the neckline will affect how much skin you bare, so pay close attention to it if you’re seeking a playful, flirty dress or a more modest style.

Halter Tops: Halter tops are fastened behind the neck, leaving the shoulders and back bare. These necklines especially flatter figures with a medium to full bust, and they pair well with both straight and hourglass torsos.

V-Necks: As you might have guessed, this type of neckline resembles the letter V. Some V-necks are quite shallow, but others are deep and reveal more skin, which may affect the type of bra you can wear with them.

Sweetheart: The sweetheart neckline gets its name from its heart shape. Sweetheart necklines can accentuate cleavage, no matter what your bust size.

Cowl Neck: Cowl-neck dresses drape in layers off your neck. Some 2 piece prom dresses also have cowl backs, where layers of fabric fall on your back.

Scoop: A scoop neckline falls slightly slower than a typical neckline in a deeply curved, wide shape.

The worst feeling in the world is finding out that another girl has already swooped up your favorite dress. By shopping early with lalamira, that doesn’t have to happen. Come in today, we’ll make sure that you take their breath away.


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