So, how to choose the wedding dress on the wedding day in summer ?

Summer has come slowly. Do you think the weather has become hotter? However, the hot weather can’t stop the new people rushing to the wedding hall. Everyone knows that it is very hot to wear lace wedding dresses in summer, but not without them. So, how to choose the wedding dress for taking wedding photos in summer and the wedding dress on the wedding day? What should I pay attention to?

white lace wedding dresses

1. Color

The color of wedding dresses in summer is better to be colorful and bright. The popular colors in spring and summer today are nude, pink, turquoise, etc. Honor these colors into wedding dress design to make you become the focus of people like flowers this summer, but brides should pay attention to the color of wedding dresses to match their skin color and hair color.

2. Texture

The hot summer climate is naturally the pursuit of light and breathable wedding dresses, such as silk or spandex, which are light and cool and can show the gentle temperament of the bride. No matter what kind of fabric the bride chooses for her wedding dress, she must consider her skin color and figure.

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3. Style

The short wedding dress is very suitable for the bride to wear in summer. It can not only make the bride look more youthful and lively, but also show perfect leg lines. It is lovely and sexy. However, the short wedding dress has higher requirements on the leg curves of the bride.

In the hot summer weather, if you still choose those tightly packed wedding dresses with poor air permeability, you will definitely not feel better at the end of the day. Therefore, choosing a lighter wedding dress is not only the best choice for shooting wedding photos in summer but also for outdoor weddings. The most common ones are silk and spandex. The light and thin wedding dress can not only have good air permeability to solve the particularity of summer climate, but also set off the gentle and sexy temperament of the bride.

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The short dress can make the bride look more lovely and playful. The short skirt, which is half-length and refined, just reaches the knee and shows the white and well-proportioned calf in the soft gauze. The sexy and graceful bride is still visible. However, short dresses and wedding gowns have higher requirements on the bride’s legs, so pay attention to matching her figure when choosing. As far as possible, the wedding dress should be of beautiful color and appropriately decorated, which will perfectly show the lovely and beautiful of the bride.

For tall brides who decide to get married in summer, a long wedding dress next to the skin is a very suitable one. The irregular drape design on the long skirt makes the temperament of the wedding dress more fashionable. Wearing such a wedding dress, the bride is just like an elf in the forest, fresh and pure.

In summer, wedding dresses are best colorful and bright, and can be selected according to popular colors in summer, such as nude, turquoise, red, pink and other colors. It attracts many people’s eyes like flowers blooming. A variety of colors with various unique design ideas, this summer’s bride is different because of you.


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