These Bodycon Dresses For Prom Really Make Your Well-Proportioned Figure More Prominent

For women of good proportions, it would be nice to wear a bodycon dress. This bodycon prom dress  can make your good figure more prominent, it will not appear bloated and make plus-size girls more slim.

bodycon dresses

What is a bodycon dress or tight dress?

A bodycon dress or tight dress is a close-fitting outfit that won’t curve you.The slinky dress is not designed to hug you like a glove, but rather to depict your silhouette.Think tailored suits or sexy jeans.

Usually worn in warm weather, because of the loose fit and lighter fabrics, tight dresses do not have any support for your figure.

Women come in all sizes, in fact, tight dresses are unforgivable to many of us. If you are self-conscious about your body, these clothes are not an option, because they are designed to track and not shape your body, and do not provide any support for your body.

bodycon dress homecoming

bodycon dress homecoming

How to find your perfect bodycon dress or tight dress?


An exquisitely crafted tight dress prides itself on its fit. They tend to be barely stretched and will show slack in a particular area, often visible when walking or standing.

The fabric mix of tight dresses is also very different. The worthy tight dress is made of a high-quality polyester blend with a certain weight and lining.

When you’re looking for a tight dress, what you most want to know about is the fabric. Thin knitwear needs to have the right size, otherwise you will risk shaking a very transparent dress, and thick knitwear will look bulky if it is too heavy or inappropriate. What I really like about this dress is that it has two layers of fabric, one layer is more fit underneath and the other layer is just above the top. This helps to create a smoother look.

lace bodycon dress

lace bodycon dress


For me to make this dress has two details:1. Elegant neckline, 2. Details on the back. Although you can not see in the photo, but the back of the dress has a tuck, very flattering. Small details like this make a simple skinny dress from simple to look like it is designed for you.

How do you wear a bodycon dress or tight dress?

While I’ve previously shared how to swing a bodysuit with confidence, I’d like to share some key tips to help you look and feel your best when wearing a bodysuit:

If you feel nervous, shake several layers. Layering your bodice with a cardigan or leather jacket, while helping to create more shapes, take your eyes off the skirt and move to the bottom edge of those parts.

Wear high heels. High heels can lengthen your body, shaping a slimmer silhouette on the whole, while flat shoes can really cut off the leg line. (Small heeled shoes are also very good!)

Accept yourself and celebrate your personal beauty. Instead of focusing on the negative side, try to praise the positive side of your body-maybe you like your hair, smile, eyes, or think you have a pair of legs-and pay attention to yourself rather than criticizing what you don’t like.


Tips to style your bodycon dress or tight dress

Try to minimize your accessories. The tight dress is already sexy, so you do not need to delay it with accessories.Add a pair of heels, simple jewelry, or even a belt to suit your needs!

Find a style that makes you feel comfortable. There are many different types of tight dresses. Some will have a low waist or neckline. Length will vary from Mini to midi(even Max!). There are even different types of materials. I personally know that no matter what I wear, I need to feel comfortable. This means I have to find a tight dress that is not too revealing, and the fabric is nice. Lalamira is great because it has a square neckline, and the fabric is soft and breathable.

Wear casual shoes during the day. I really like the sporty style of tennis shoes and skirts or jeans that you have recently worn.It has a laid-back vibe that I love!I paired my Lalamira bodycon formal dress with my Vans (here) for a laid-back day look.

Put on a large sweater. I also paired this tight dress with my favorite British Petroleum’s oversized knit cardigan.This is indeed the softest sweater ever.I want to add a large sweater to give a very laid-back feel to a tight dress “yes, I go to the grocery store to wear a lace up dress”.

If you want to look like a hipster, add a beanie. Okay, maybe not hipsters, but beanie is cool, okay? You can pair a tight dress with ankle boots, beanie and sweatshirts for fall fashion.

long bodycon dress

long bodycon dress


Plus size bodycon dress

Women with a perfect figure usually wear tight dresses. But this does not mean that tuba should not wear them. This is a time when society should stop judging others by their appearance. No one has the right to tell others what to wear and what not to wear. A girl should wear the clothes she wants, regardless of her size. There is no rule in the fashion world that only slim smart girls can wear tight dresses. A tall woman can also rock this hot trend. You just need a positive physical attitude.

Bodycon dresses are designed to accentuate your curves. This is a dress that clings to your figure and reveals your figure. That’s why most larger women shy away from such tight dresses.

Once you’ve made up your mind to wear it, stick with it. Believe that you can do it, as Ali Levin said,“ … clothes with body consciousness should not allow you to be self-aware of your own body.”

Choose the right lingerie (shapewear) to smooth any uneven plumpness of your body.

Always choose a plus size tight dress (your own size). Buying a smaller size than you will make things worse.

For a perfect look, do not forget about seamless panties and bras.

plus size bodycon dress

plus size bodycon dress

A plus size woman looks heavy and short. To overcome this problem, choose heels.

As a tall lady, it shouldn’t be if wearing a tight dress is your biggest fear. You have this body. Be grateful for that. As long as you feel beautiful, believe in it, more than anything. You have so much to do and experiment with. Feel confident and don’t be shy. We hope that the inspiration and style that is given to you here will help you to wear a tight-fitting dress for a stunning look.

All in all, whether any girl who has a good figure or a plus-size figure, as long as wearing a bodycon dress or tight dress, they can be a good figure in seconds.


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