Tips To Choose Long Formal Dresses That Can Look Best On Petite Girls

Many girls envy petite girls because they are cute. But you don’t know that petite girls will also encounter difficulties in buying clothes. Especially when elected to the formal dress, what type of long formal dress looks best on short, petite girls? Keep reading to know the best formal dress style for petite!

long formal dresses for petite

Are you looking for a petite formal dress? Do you have a formal event coming up? Dressing for a special occasion can be stressful for any woman, even more so for the petite woman. Do you know what I mean? Getting an invitation to a formal event, wedding, or otherwise is exciting but comes with a little ping of stress when you realize you have to find something to wear.

You don’t get invited to a formal event every day. So, of course, you want to present your best style when you have the chance to go to one. Long formal dresses for petite women? It may sound daunting to you at first. That is totally understandable. If you ever wonder how you can pull off a formal petite long dress, just look at the short actresses on the red carpet.

Get Some Answers from Quora First

Answer 1: I’m petite, and I usually like wearing shorter dress but when I wear long dresses I like them to be more fitted and mermaid style because it gives us more of an elongated look and shows off out petite curves!!

Answer 2: Definitely a slim, fitted design. This will accentuate length, and when petite, you won’t disappear in the dress.

Answer 3: Keep away from too bold prints and heavy fabrics for they will drown a petite frame. Flowy fabrics and fitted cuts work best to flatter your figure. In terms of color, anything goes. In terms of embellishments, its a matter of personal preference but dainty and discrete always work best.

Answer 4: Simple is best. Try on things that don’t cut the body horizontally (ruffles only on the hem). Goddess gowns are good as are dresses with princess lines (the pieces are cut vertically) are wonderful on petite frames.

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Answer 5: Petite women are actually proportioned well. The waist is what you would want to accent as it could provide more of an illusion of height, especially the high waisted petite women, and a more glamorous look!

Answer 6: I am also a petite woman. I know it is very hard to find the right petite size for yourself. They are a various style which can suit petite women for formal dressing. But first, you need to know about your petite body type. And then you should go for a style that suits your personality.

Answer 7: I’ve been working on the formal dress website for one year, I suggest you could try the style of Hi-Lo formal dresses or the two-piece long formal dresses. Show off your skinny legs or waist, that will catch others’ eyes on and ignore the height.

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When to Wear a Long Formal Dress for Petite?

Before we get into choosing the best evening gowns for petite women, let’s chat about when you should be wearing this type of dress. I don’t have to tell you that not all dresses are created equal which also means that not every dress can be worn to any occasion. I’m a big believer that dresses should be a go-to wardrobe staple for petite women. As a petite woman myself, I can attest to how great dresses are when dressing a shorter frame.

But let’s get back to evening gowns for today. You will need to wear an evening gown anytime you get an invite to a formal occasion. More specifically, if any event’s dress code calls for white tie or black tie, then wearing an evening gown is an obvious choice. There’s a lot of grey area around dress codes, but compared with others, those are still the two dress codes that are the strictest. White tie is the most formal dress code of all, so wearing an evening gown is the norm. With black tie, there could be more choices when it comes to what the women should wear, but still, when in doubt, you cannot go wrong with a formal long dress.


Guide to Buy Petite Long Formal Dresses

If you’re smaller than the average person, you might find buying clothes a bit of a nightmare. Many things will swamp you and do nothing for your figure. Shopping on the High Street can be difficult, rather than the fun activity many women make it out to be! The important thing to remember is that you’re not trying to disguise yourself as a tall person.

As a petite woman myself, I know that we use styling tips to make us look taller, but in general, we’re proud of our height and don’t need to attempt to make ourselves look any taller than we are. We simply try to find formal dresses that naturally work with our frame. The points in this guide should help you to buy petite dresses and outfits more effectively. If you are confused and don’t know if you are petite, we answer this question in ‘Am I Petite’. Since our customers always ask for style advice on how to look leaner and taller, we refer to tips on elongating your petite frame, so here’s how we can find a dress to flatter our petite size!


The Neckline

For petite women, the best necklines are usually V or U shapes that create the illusion of height. They elongate the neck and make you look taller and leaner! Just make sure that the neckline looks right with the rule that we just discussed. For evening dresses, petite look best in a halter neck, deep V necklines, strapless gowns, and one-shoulder dresses.

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The Fabric

One great myth about having a petite figure is that you can get away with the majority of fabrics. This is not the case. You should be careful of any fabric that billows, such as organza or chiffon as it can swamp you. You can still pull off nice, floaty items, but you need to be sure that there isn’t too much material there. Heavy jacquard fabric is most unflattering in fit-and-flare dress styles as it makes you look wider, however you can wear the fabric in a form-fitting dress that shows off your figure to make you look taller and flatter you.


The Color and Prints

You can have lots of fun when it comes to color and prints, so don’t be afraid to express your personality! That being said, there are a few small rules you should adhere to if you want to make sure your formal dresses are as flattering as possible. When it comes to color, a single block color will always make you appear taller.

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The Sleeve Length

You might think that the sleeve length of your dress doesn’t matter much, but you’d be wrong! The sleeve length you choose can make a big difference to your formal dress. It all depends on how comfortable you are with your arms, and the way you’ve split your formal dress (this is where you’d use the rule of thirds). If you’re concerned about your upper arms, wearing short sleeves that cut you off at the widest part of the arm should be avoided. Three quarter length sleeves are universally flattering as they expose the slimmest part of our arms. Of course, you can choose to wear sleeveless dresses with a light cardigan sleeve that finishes at the wrist.

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Now you know how to buy long formal dresses for petites and style them perfectly, have fun with your wardrobe. Shopping should hopefully be a little easier with these tips. Join us and embrace your petiteness with open arms!


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