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Despite your hesitancy, it’s actually pretty easy to plan out mismatched bridesmaid dresses! Far gone are the days when all bridesmaid dresses had to be the exact same, down to the color, style, and length! Lucky for all of us, you can have every single one of these elements of a dress different than the rest! But how do you make a bridal party look cohesive despite their differences? Let us help you, girl! We’re going to give you all the best ways to pull off the mismatched bridesmaid dresses look!

a line princess sleeveless v neck asymmetrical lace bridesmaid dresses

LaLamira with over 40 colors to choose from, a variety of comfortable fabrics, and styles for everyone, we know that you will find everything you need for your special occasion with LaLamira. Not sure if LaLamira’s dresses fit your price range? Prices vary depending on the retailer, but we offer all bridesmaid dresses at a rate 15% lower than other retailers!

When you’re buying something as expensive and important as a bridesmaid dress, you’re naturally going to have lots of questions. That’s perfectly understandable, and we welcome those questions!

Look, we know that trying to coordinate mismatched bridesmaid dresses can be an overwhelming task, but we promise that if you follow our tips and suggestions, you’ll pull off this trend fabulously. Check out some of our best tips on how to pull of mismatched bridesmaid dresses tucson!

Know what you’re looking for? Perfect! Click on any one of the sections of this table of contents to get right where you need to go!

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silk gold bridesmaid dresses

silk gold bridesmaid dresses








What is the price range for LaLamira bridesmaid dresses? What does the average dress cost? These are important questions to ask when looking at any designer for your bridesmaid dresses! Pricing for bridesmaid dresses varies for each retailer, but cheap bridesmaid dresses tend to range anywhere from $130 to $200. The average bridesmaid dress costs $165-$170. Here at Wedding Shoppe, we promise that we only offer bridesmaid dresses at the lowest cost possible.

Color Swatches

Looking to see the colors in person? Contact your local retailer to snag a color swatch from them! Use color swatches to help match your bridesmaid dresses to your groomsmen’s ties and pocket squares!


Most LaLamira dresses are offered in flat chiffon or jersey; however, he has been introducing new dresses in satin for a fun twist on your typical bridesmaid dress!

LaLamira Size Chart

If you’re usually a size 12 in retail, chances are you’re not a size 12 in bridesmaid dresses. Unfortunate, I know. With this in mind, it’s important to note that every designer in the bridal industry uses different measurements for their sizes.

If you are purchasing a bridesmaid dress, we highly recommend that you get professionally measured to see which size you most align with. Check out the size chart below as a reference! Not sure how to measure yourself? Use this “How to Measure” guide to ensure you properly measure yourself. As always, we highly recommend that you get professionally measured before ordering your dress.

apple red bridesmaid dresses cheap

apple red bridesmaid dresses cheap








How to Do Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Way #1: Different colors, same style

An easy way to pull off this look is to note the undertones of your wedding palette. Do you mostly have jewel-tones? Dusty tones? Pastel tones? Pin down what types of undertones are prevalent in your wedding palette and incorporate them into the palette you use with your bridesmaid dresses. Once you nail down the tones of your wedding colors, determine if you want the various shades of the same color in your bridal party or completely different colors.

For example, if you wanted to do various shades of blue, you could have a slate blue, sky blue, and greyish blue bridesmaid dresses. If you wanted to do completely different colors of a dusty wedding palette, you could feature a dusty pink, purple, and blue in your bridal party rather easily! Note the tones and secondary colors that you’ll have featured in your wedding palette so you won’t clash colors.

Way #2: Same color, different styles

This is an easy one to pull off! When shooting for a mismatched bridesmaid dresses look, most brides choose to go this route because of the ease of it. Simply choose a color that best fits your wedding vision and let your bridesmaids choose which styles they love best. When brides choose to go this route, they usually limit their bridesmaids to one designer from one store.

This ensures that all of the dresses are going to be the same color. Kennedy Blue is a great designer to order mismatched bridesmaid dresses from simply because we guarantee that all blingy bridesmaid dresses ordered in the same color will actually be the exact same color! Check out Kennedy Blue’s bridesmaid dress collection!

adult and child bridesmaid dresses

adult and child bridesmaid dresses








Way #3: Different colors, different styles

This way is intimidating to most brides. There is so much freedom involved! But I promise that if you do it right, your bridal party will look STUNNING. If you look up mismatched bridesmaid dresses on Pinterest, you’ll find a plethora of ideas for bridal parties with different colors and styles. We think one of the best ways to pull off this type of mismatched bridal party is to throw a couple bridesmaids in patterns.

Those patterns add a lot of texture and flare to your bridal party, and we are totally digging how cohesive yet diverse these bridal parties look! The best thing about this type of bridal party style is that it is so lax. You can have bridesmaids in various length, patterns, fabrics, and more! Get creative with it! The key to this style is to have all of the colors complement each other in some way.

For example, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and red are great options for a desert wedding because they are fall colors and close to each other on the color wheel. Want to pull off this look but aren’t sure how to? Scour Pinterest and other blogs (like ours) for inspiration! We promise that at least an idea or two will strike your fancy!

Way #4: Different shades, same color

Here is a popular, trendy option that brides are totally loving! Choose a color and have each bridesmaid wear a different shade of the same color. Some brides love to set their bridesmaids up so they also create an ombrè look as they stand at the altar alongside the bride. This is a super fun way to make your bridal party stand out! While doing an ombrè look is an option, you can also choose to do different shades of the same color without creating an ombrè illusion.

For example, you could choose to have a slate blue, cornflower blue, and bluish grey in your bridal party, and we promise those three colors will mesh together beautifully!


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