We asked our bridal consultants to share a couple of tips to help you make the best choice

If you love the sun, the fragrant gardens and the blue sky, oh well, you might just be a summer bride. And we totally get why summer is a beautiful season to have a wedding. First of all, you can finally wear a wedding dress with no sleeves, a gorgeous open back and sheer, light fabrics without feeling the chill. Secondly, you have more choices for venues and thirdly, you can go with laid-back themes for your wedding party (yes, we’re thinking beach and garden weddings).

We have great news for future bride and grooms trying to navigate the confusing and emotional etiquette of wedding planning. We are dedicating a new content series on our blog aimed to help you find answers to all those burning questions: from whom to invite to your wedding to how to announce your registry and find the best suppliers.

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Planning a wedding is anything but easy. And the first thing on that huge to-do list is nothing but demanding and possibly quite an emotional time, with some potential for drama. Obviously, you need guests to have a party. However, you shouldn’t feel obliged to ask everyone you know to attend your wedding.

When you’re planning a wedding on a budget or are limited by the venue’s capacity, deciding who gets an invitation to your wedding and who doesn’t, becomes a bit of a challenge. Hopefully, the answers below will help clarify things and make this whole wedding planning stage in your life a bit more pleasant.

And for brides, things do get even better. In the summertime, there are no rules for how fancy or laid back your wedding gets. You can easily go barefoot with a deux-piece boho chic wedding dress on the beach, or super fancy, with a beautiful princess gown with a floral lace bodice and a delicate voluminous tulle dress. The choice is yours.

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However, to make sure you will be choosing a perfect summer wedding dress, we asked our bridal consultants to share a couple of tips to help you make the best choice. One that looks stunning, feels comfortable and light.

First things first. Summers tend to get hot with day when temperatures can rise to over 40 C degrees in the afternoon. That can get a bit disturbing if you’ve made the mistake of choosing a wedding dress that’s made of heavy fabrics that don’t breath easily.

Best way to avoid overheating during your summer wedding is to choose natural, light fabrics like chiffons, satins, crepe, organza, silk, silk organza, cotton, tulle and lace (but don’t overdo it with that). Oh, and let’s not forget how beautiful silk organza and chiffon “move” in the soft summer breeze. Yep, they give you a divine look.

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However, if you have a specific fabric in mind, like damask or duchess satin, prepare for some heat. One way to make the dress breezier is to go with casual wedding dresses with asymmetric lengths (short in the front, long in the back) or with high leg slits.

We offer a wide choice of elegant shapes and necklines, both for bridal and evening, to make sure each woman finds the dress that will bring out the goddess in her heart. Plus we have a team of experienced seamstresses that will give you that perfect fit!


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