Wedding Dress v.s Bridal Pantsuit, Wedding Dress Can Achieve Your Princess Dream

With the variety and changes in fashion, people have a new view on the wedding dress. Today Lalamira takes a woman’s wedding dress as an example. Presumably, it has become a consensus that the bride should wear a dress for the wedding. But bridal pantsuit has also become a new fashion. Next, we will compare wedding dresses with bridal pantsuit.

wedding dress v.s bridal pantsuit

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wedding Dress And Bridal Pantsuit

As we all know, every coin has two sides, so do wedding dresses and bridal pantsuits. In terms of the appearance of the dress, bride’s pursuit and convenience, etc., Lalamira summarized the following points.

Advantages Of Wedding Dress

1. The wedding dress is more fairy and princess

Everyone knows that wedding dress is not a common dress combination in daily life. Strictly speaking, it is a dress that a girl can only wear once in her life. Only on grand wedding occasions can they realize their rare princess dream, and only then can they give their life to the most important partner in their lives.

2. Satisfy the needs of most girls

As mentioned in the first point, “once in a lifetime”, wedding dresses have become the best choice for many girls.

3. Convenient to purchase

Although it is said that most wedding shops will have trousers, it must have more choices in color, matching and style than trousers, and it can be suitable for many girls who love beauty.

4. Perfect match with groom

The bridegroom is wearing a formal suit. Of course, there is no doubt that the bride goes to the palace of marriage with the perfect partner by matching the perfect bitter fleabane dress or the celestial wedding dress.

lace wedding dress

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Advantages Of Bridal Pantsuit

1. Suitable for neutral girls

Today’s definition of girls is not limited to having long hair. Some neutral girls who prefer short hair are also unique in their wedding planning. For example, they can wear pants

2. Dressing is convenient

Bridal pantsuits are of course much more convenient than wedding dresses. Trousers don’t need to be afraid of being exposed and don’t need to wear more backing.


Disadvantages Of Wedding Dress

1. Dressing is inconvenient

Compared with the advantages of trousers, wedding dress is really a bit cumbersome, not only to meet the overall figure, but also to ensure that there will be no embarrassing situation in the wearing process.

2. Not the choice of neutral girls

For neutral girls, wedding dress is not the choice for their wedding. Or she wants to give the chance to her female bridal.


Disadvantages Of Bridal Pantsuit

1. Without the spirit of fairy princess

The dream to be a princess is for every girl. Only when they are married, can they realize it. That is why most girls choose dresses in their daily life. Wedding dress is the standard for wedding in most girls’ heart.


2. Not the choice of most girls

Many girls all over the world still want to show their fairy-tale side at weddings, after all, weddings are their once-in-a-lifetime fairy-tale dreams.

A-Line/Princess Chiffon Beautiful Wedding Dresses With Sleeveless


Guide To Find Princess Wedding Dress

After comparing wedding dress and bridal pantsuit, do you have any other question? Welcome letter to us! Now, Lalamira tells you how to choose the princess wedding dress for the wedding.

When planning a wedding, at some point you will go through a period of looking at the dress after the gorgeous dress. With so many beautiful options, you may be wondering which dress is best for you. Before you decide on an outfit that you’re not entirely sure about, consider the factors that might make your decision-making process easier.

Planning A Wedding Dress

1. Seasons

This is the first thing to consider when deciding on a wedding dress. If your wedding is held in the summer, a light dress that emphasizes your feminine figure can give you an effortless beauty. Scroll down to learn about some of the popular wedding fabrics.

2. Location

If you are going to get married in a place of worship, you will be expected to wear plain dresses without exposing too much skin. On the other hand, a long-sleeved dress with a cathedral train won’t be very popular at a beach wedding.

3. Wedding Style

Will it be held indoors or outdoors? Will it be an intimate or grand reception? Questions like these play a big part in deciding what dresses you should wear. Today is your wedding day and you have the right to wear whatever you want, but we are sure you agree that the dramatic prom dress is not suitable for an intimate mural wedding.

4. Budget

Financial constraints are another major cause. A luxurious wedding dress with handmade embroidery beads and crystals will not have a cheap price. If you have a budget, read on as we have some good advice on reducing the cost of a wedding dress.

5. Body Type

Last but not least is your body type. A mermaid style wedding dress may look flawless on your favorite celebrity, but it may not fit your figure or make you feel comfortable. There are no limits to what you can wear on your big day, but you can check out our body shape guide to get started.

Princess Wedding Dress Types

In order to prepare for the wedding, the girls have a variety of wedding dress choices: princess wedding dress, mermaid wedding dress, sheath dress or boho style wedding dress…, this is enough to confuse you, right? It doesn’t include skin color, height, body size … it can be overwhelming.

Today, together with Lalamira let’s learn about the princess wedding dress style as well as princess wedding dresses at

1. Strapless wedding dress

sweetheart organza ball-gown wedding dress

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Strapless wedding dress-the best fit slim, busty girl. The bodice on the wedding dress lifts the charm from the first round to the slender shoulders. These girls have chubby looks, but slim and tall girls are also suitable for this style.

For short brides and not tall (less than 50 meters), they should not wear a princess wedding dress with a cup, because the lower body is too bulging, she will be trapped in the wedding dress. For a modest height, a small suggestion is to reduce the bulging of the skirt, wear heels of at least 12 cm, or use a short, long princess dress before to fool your height with the effect of the photo.

Note: the princess wedding dress is not suitable for girls with rough shoulders and over-sized breasts. Because the cup is big enough not only to cover your shortcomings but also to make those shortcomings become more clear, drowned in your own happy day. Look at the next suggestion.

You might like to see some big size wedding reference material

2. Wedding dress with sleeves

lace trumpet tulle wedding dress

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sash appliques ball-gown wedding dress with half sleeves

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tulle ball gown wedding dress with 3/4 length sleeves

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princess ruffle lace wedding dress

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Inherited the basic beauty of traditional Western wedding dress, Princess wedding dress with short sleeves, long sleeves or half sleeves is suitable for all girls. Therefore, it is a safe option for girls with many physical defects or who are not confident when wearing strapless wedding dress.

In the past, the sleeve wedding dress was made of heavy cloth. But today, the sleeves of the wedding dress have become lace or chiffon patterns, with a very unique closed embroidery, not tight and very seductive.

The princess wedding dress has long sleeves or half sleeves to cover the upper arms and arms, and the rough shoulders create a slim feel for the fat girl.


3. Off-the-shoulder wedding dress

satin wedding dresses with regular straps

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Princess wedding models have appeared, adding mystery and charm to the bride. The highlight is the shoulder rest on the body of the shirt, creating a soft, soft, subtle semi-open feel.

This type of wedding dress is also suitable for Slim or slightly chubby girls. For girls with slender shoulders, the breasts are usually not too full(the body has no curves), so choosing a shoulder-length wedding dress will help to show the smooth and beautiful shoulders.

In addition, if she has a slightly fat arm, the details outside the shoulder design will not only bring flaws but also create an absolute appeal.


4. Sleeveless wedding dress

chapel train ball-gown satin wedding dress without sleeves

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Underarm design, the upper body of the princess wedding dress should be wrapped around the whole body. Not too tight, but not too sexy, this is the choice of many girls. The underarm design of the wedding dress also helps the shy girl to be more confident in the movement.

For girls with wide shoulders, in addition to wearing a wedding dress, they are also very suitable for wearing a princess wedding dress with sleeves and a strapless dress. The bottom of the skirt bulged up, will sink the upper body of the defect. Therefore, the princess wedding dress is best suited to all physiques that are close to the armpits.


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