We’ll say it again for emphasis: burgundy is not too dark for your summer wedding!

Every bride wants her bridal party to look and feel their best on her big day. For many brides, that means choosing bridesmaid dress styles that can flatter a wide variety of body types and sizes. With so many rose gold bridesmaid dresses to choose from, it may feel challenging to choose a style that complements every figure. Sadly, not every designer carries as many extended sizes as we’d like. But we’re here to help you navigate the ones that do — and help you find styles that will make every important woman in your life feel confident and radiant.

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Burgundy is one of the most popular wedding colors, and for good reason. There are so many ways to incorporate it into your big day! From dramatic florals at a formal reception to linens at a beach wedding, this versatile color is sure to work with your wedding vision. Whether you’re getting married in the winter, spring, summer, or fall, you can choose burgundy for your bridesmaid dresses. Did we mention how easy it is to find colors that complement burgundy?

When you’re considering dresses, the trick is to focus on three major features — necklines, waistlines and skirt styles. Choosing the right style of each helps bridesmaids highlight their favorite features and play down the parts they’d rather not draw attention to. The right waist, skirt and neckline can make all the difference. Petite, tall, curvy or somewhere in between? Our recommendations will help you nail your bridal party look.

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We’ll say it again for emphasis: burgundy is not too dark for your summer wedding! Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are excellent for outdoor or rustic weddings! This shade doesn’t have to be classic or formal, either. If you haven’t noticed from junior bridesmaid dresses shopping yet, not all burgundy shades are the same. You can always opt for a lighter shade of burgundy, like Jenny Yoo Cinnamon Rose pictured below. This color is lighter and airier than popular deep burgundy hues like marsala, making it perfect for warmer and sunnier seasons.

Plus, the bouquets that can accompany burgundy dresses in the summertime are absolutely divine and a great way to brighten your palette. For a simple, or modern theme, a bouquet of succulents is an easy choice. If you’re looking for a bouquet that’s more bold, combine dusty blue lambs ear with a variety of other colors. Pale pink ranunculus and scabiosas, lavender, and willow leaves create a dreamy, wildflower look that everyone will love.

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If you have a natural hourglass or curvy figure, you’ll want to focus on finding the best waistline to emphasize it. A well-defined waistline or waistband adds structure to any dress, ensuring that your dress hugs your curves instead of hiding them under bulky or boxy fabric. Contrary to popular belief, loose styles won’t minimize curves or extra weight. Dresses that look tailored and fitted to your specific body type will work with your natural shape instead of against it.

Don’t let the color intimidate you. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are the perfect color for any season. From peonies to roses, burgundy can be paired with almost any color combination and flower there is. The key is to find balance. Too many dark blooms against a dark dress won’t give the same effect that pale or contrasting colors will. No matter which colors you choose, adding greenery is the best way to create contrast between the bridesmaid dress and the flowers. Once you’ve found the right blooms, the whole look will come together and you’ll feel ready to stand next to each one of your beautiful bridesmaids!


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