We’ve come up with a list of ways you can buy your dream wedding dresses, without having to break the bank or settle for less than you deserve.

Planning a wedding on a budget could make you feel like you need to give up the idea of buying a dream dress, since evening dresses are known to cost a pretty penny.

Luckily, the only thing you really need to give up is any preconceived notion you may have about wedding dress shopping. Buying a dream dress on a budget is perfectly possible. It’s not about lowering your dress standards; it’s about shopping smarter. We’ve come up with a list of ways you can buy your dream off the shoulder lace mermaid wedding dress, without having to break the bank or settle for less than you deserve.

01. Being unrealistic about your budget.
Go into dress shopping appointments with a game plan: stay in budget. That doesn’t mean you aren’t able to be flexible about how much you are willing to spend, but having a top line number in mind will keep your overall wedding budget in check as well. Still unsure about where to cap your spending? Ask yourself what price tag would turn your “dream dress” into a gown that’s not for you. Remember, the price tag on your gown doesn’t include alteration fees, accessories, any after party look (should you choose to wear one), your veil, or (post-wedding) dry cleaning and dress preservation. Keep all of those other expenses in mind when deciding what you are comfortable spending on a wedding dress.

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02. Buy Separates
One of the most overlooked options is buying separates. You can achieve mermaid wedding dresses 2017, look by buying a long tulle skirt and a separate top. Not only is it easier to fit, your options are endless. Choose from a range of skirts and different style tops; mix and match them until you find the perfect look. No one will even know its two pieces, unless you choose to style it with a gap for a more modern, trendy look. Depending on your budget, you may even be able to buy a change of skirt or top for the reception and still stay under the price that a single wedding gown would have cost.

03. Incentive Shopping

Should you decide to lose weight, tone, sculpt or go through a dramatic body transformation prior to your wedding evening dresses, , we applaud you and your discipline—but buying a dress based on how you think your future body will look is a mistake. Any consultant worth their salt will not order you a size down based on your promise to lose weight, and you should not request that she consider it. While your alterations may end up being more intensive should you choose to lose weight in the lead up to your wedding, purchasing dresses that don’t fit you now in hopes that they may down the road is a dangerous fashion game plan.


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