What is good makeup for a blue prom dress to shine your upcoming prom?

Beautiful PROM dress can beautify a common girl, and charming makeup can light up a girl’s life, especially when your prom is upcoming.

makeup for blue prom dress

What is good makeup for a blue dress?

Answer 1: I think makeup depends on your available accessories, occasion, time, and skin tone. As long as you take these factors into account, any cosmetics can be comfortably paired with blue.

Answer 2: Do you want to wear your favorite blue prom dress but don’t know how to match it? There are many ways to make your features pop and exude popularity through makeup.

Your eyes are one of the most important features of speaking volume. I recommend not too dramatic, classic winged liner. You will definitely be the focus of your next party.

Answer 3: depends on the depth of blue and your skin tone.

But silver / white eye shadow or skip eye shadow, draw blue eyeliner.

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Cheeks are light pink (if you are white) or pink(if you are dim).

For lips, if you can use any shades of pink (dark or light), even coral. It would be nice if you were a slightly darker pink nude painting.

Answer 4: if it is bright blue, then you can choose blue eyeliner, Katya, and nude lipstick because bright lipstick and blue eyeliner will look too conspicuous.

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If it’s dark blue…Then you can choose black/smoke gray eyeliner, with pink lipstick.

Best Face and Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Dress (2020)

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If you wear light blue / British blue or any light color, then you can match nude eye shadow and pink/red lipstick.

Answer 5: blue dresses have a lot of different makeup because Blue is a bold and legendary color. Therefore, for this colored prom dress, the choice of makeup is a little picky. For this, you have to have a set of cosmetic cans, which contain makeup ingredients for various outfits. After that, you need the expertise to apply it to prove the blue color of your clothes.

Makeup tips to match your blue prom dress

Do you want to wear your favorite navy blue or turquoise colored skirt at this prom but don’t know how to make up? Well, you might think that your basic makeup is enough to match any dress. But when you can create an eye-catching and elegant look to match your blue prom dress, why stick to the plain old outfits you wear every party and night out?

Complementary colors

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Complementary colors help attract each other. So, when you wear blue, you can wear its counterpart on the color wheel. Red and orange in the color wheel are complemented by Blue. So you can match this range of colors, such as coral, orange, peach, brown and blue. Here you can play with colors and find the color that best suits your face and skin tone. Another trick is to add color to the different elements of your prom dresses. For example, if your clothes are not all blue, but scattered with blue elements, you can also add blue to your cosmetics. Even if you render the blue theme, the appearance of other colors will make you look interesting.

Bare face

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The foundation, or makeup on your bare face, depends on the styling you want. Start with a good scrub and moisturizer to maintain a fresh, moist look all day long. With colder blue, you can match warm colors, such as crimson or orange, thus creating a warm look. Cool shades of Blue have more green, while warm shades of blue tend to purple. To look warm, start with a standard concealer that covers all blemishes, pimples and dark circles. Now pick a foundation a little darker than your original color. This gives your skin a healthy warm glow and does not fade in the photo. If you are naturally tanned, you can skip the foundation and try tinted body butter or moisturizer. Seal the base with mineral powder.

Your cheeks

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Your cheeks should not be the focus of your appearance, but they are just as important. You can adjust the color of cheeks and lips and let the color play to another level. Blue is usually a cool color. Therefore, a warm blush will be effective for a blue prom dress, as it prevents being washed off and unhealthy pallor. Blush in pink tones will make your cheeks look rosy like a baby. If you want to look warmer, try a plum-colored blush. To use blush, apply three small dots of blush powder in the middle of the Apple on your cheek. With a large, round brush, mix it with the skin in a circular motion. You can also try to wear blue bronzer clothes. Draw two fine lines under your cheekbones with bronzing powder. With a brush, paddle straight up and towards the ear. It adds a pearl-like shine while highlighting your facial structure.

Striking eyes

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A charming blue prom dress will open your eyes. You must remember that women’s eyes match very well with a strong neutral color like Blue. Metallic, wing-pointed smoky eyes or cat eyes are some examples of classic eye makeup for blue prom dresses that produce magic. If you are already wearing a dark blue prom dress, the metal component in your eyes may be gold or champagne. However, if you want your eyes to be in focus, try toning down your cheeks and hips to avoid attire. If you’re wearing cold blue, try adding green or blue to your eyes. Similarly, warm blue prom dresses need purple or cyan. Although it is the same family, the color should not be exactly the same.

Eye-catching lips

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If you have created a striking eye, nude lip color is perfect. After scrubbing the lips, apply lip balm, and apply with bare lip line. Cover your lips with pink, pink, or any other nude lipstick. If you want your lips to be your focus, choose red. After lining your lips, fill your lips with a lining that will make the lipstick last longer. Now cover your lips with eye-catching red lipstick. Warm pink or coral color is also suitable for blue.

Every girl has her personality that can not be compared, so the answers “what is the best makeup for a blue prom dress” depend on your factors, such as your skin tone, prom theme, and so on. However, you are welcome to order not only blue prom dresses but also more colors at Lalamira.com.


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