What prom dress color should I wear to show me best?

No matter what color you are, you deserve the best prom dress, which suits you best, especially when you are going to be a prom queen at a party.

prom dresses by colors

What prom dress should I wear?

Are you going to the prom, but do not know what color dress is best for you? Well, try my quiz now and see which color I think is best for you! I hope you like what I think-remember, it’s just my opinion. If you find something that looks great on you, but its color is not the same as what I recommend, you deserve it anyway!

Quiz 1: Which of these colors do you like best?

floor-length satin with a-Line prom dresses
newest floor-length v-neck prom dresses
sleelveless tulle appliques prom dresses

Quiz 2: Do you really care what you look like?

Quiz 3: Do you love your skin tone?

Quiz 4: What length of a prom dress can you accept?

Halter Short/Mini Tulle Prom Dresses
sleeveless a-line zipper up chiffon prom dresses
sleeveless ball-gown magnificent tulle prom dresses

Quiz 5: Are you looking forward to being a prom queen?

Quiz 6: What is your skin tone?

Congratulations! You finished your prom dress quiz. Next, go ahead to know what prom dress should you wear.

Best prom dress colors for skin tone

Many people want to show their best side at the prom, so they will consider styling that goes well with their natural features, such as skin tone.

What color do I wear to look good?

To choose a prom dress that suits you, consider your skin tone:

Dark skin

Any bright gem tones or pastel colors complement dark skin tones and make dark skin tones pop. Rich shades, such as gold and copper, are also suitable for dark skin tones. The most effective colors include Ruby and amethyst.

Chiffon V-neck A-Line/Princess Newest Prom Dresses

Stay away from shades of brown and black, as they can completely wash off the black complexion. Other colors, such as blue, silver, and Gray should be avoided because cool tones appear rougher on dark skin. Even neutral colors like Gray make dark skin look tired, so stick to the popular colors.

Medium skin

The gem color complements the medium complexion, giving the skin a warm base color. Anything in the blue or green range looks great on medium skin, especially emeralds and turquoise. Other gem colors of medium complexion include Ruby, Sapphire, and amethyst.

Off-the-Shoulder Satin Trumpet/Mermaid Prom Dresses

It is best to stay away from brown, beige, and orange, as these colors will fade your complexion. Also do not wear pastel colors, as these colors will make your skin gray.

Olive skin

The olive complexion makes it possible to wear almost any color. Bright pink and coral look best on this complexion, as these shades show a subtle red color on the olive skin. If you want to show the brown background of olive skin, then wear green. Orange and vibrant red also complement the olive complexion.

Regular Straps Satin A-Line/Princess Prom Dresses

Be careful when wearing neutral colors such as beige or brown. These colors are not as good as the bright color effect, will make the skin look dull.

Warm and light skin

If you belong to the category of warm tones of fair skin(red or golden hair, cheeks with a hint of ruddy), choose earthy tones, such as Brown and green. Neutral colors such as beige, navy blue, and grey are also suitable for warm, fair skin.

One-Shoulder A-Line/Princess Prom Dresses

Stay away from colorful clothes, especially neon. It’s also a good idea to stay away from strong colors like black and white. Black will make white skin look too rough, while White will wash off white skin.

Cool and light skin

If you belong to the category of fair skin with a cool background(dark hair, cheeks without color), choose red and pink. Peach color works best, but gem color is also suitable for fair skin.

Court Train Tulle With Ball-Gown Prom Dresses

Avoid metallic colors as they wash off fair skin. If you choose metallic paint, choose gold instead of silver. Light yellow and purple will wash off the skin, so avoid these colors.

What color prom dress is suitable for pale skin?

If your pale skin has a warm background, choose clothes in earthy tones such as brown, beige, brown, and green. Neutral can also include navy blue and gray.

If your pale skin has cool tones, put on your favorite silver or pastel shades. These light colors help replenish your complexion without leaving you exhausted.

Pale skin tone should avoid bright colors such as red, black, or white.

Top Prom Dress Colors

We looked at the top prom trends over the years and found that the following colors have always been a favorite among teens when choosing prom dresses.


Because Black is not in the color range, it is not classified as warm or cool, so it looks great on people with warm and cool backgrounds. Black is also a flattering color, it highlights the best features of all stature, suitable for all stature.

At first, black was not a popular choice for prom dresses, most girls prefer pastel colors, white tones, and emerald tones. However, as Black becomes the main part of every girl’s wardrobe, the trend is changing.

newest floor-length v-neck prom dresses

Although Black has traditionally been used as the basis for sexy evening dresses, fashion brands are increasingly creative and incorporate it into gorgeous prom dresses. Since Black began to become more and more popular in this field, it is a multi-purpose color used in many prom dress styles.


In the front row is the blue skirt, which is the most popular option at the prom.No matter what color blue is, whether it is midnight, sky, or aquamarine, there is a color to make everyone feel amazing. Blue is able to highlight the skin tone, highlight features, give you a natural shine.

Although a blue color does not look for everyone, there are a lot of other colors, each color with the right clothes will be stunning.

Tulle Prom Dresses Newest Sweep Train Sweetheart Sleeveless

Traditionally, blue is considered a cool color, so the most common shades and shades tend to be suitable for people with cool shades. But some warm colors, such as Tyrolean, can also make people in warm colors look more likable.

Dark shades of Blue will look charming on evening dresses with mermaid and even cracks on the sides. On the other hand, light colors are well combined with prom dresses, a-line skirts, or royal waists.


As far as real red is concerned, it favors girls with neutral shades. In addition, there are shades suitable for warm and cool tones. Hues like Ruby, copper, and cinnamon blend well with warm colors.

Sweetheart Satin Sleeveless Gorgeous Prom Dresses

On the other hand, shades such as brick red, cherry red, crimson, burgundy, and berry red accentuate colder shades. Red has an appealing appeal and fits cropped, split, halter, and strapless prom dresses.


White is one of the more traditional prom dress colors and has always been the most popular color. Whenever girls redesign their mother’s prom dresses into a modern version that suits their personal style, you’ll often see a white shade.

Just like black, white prefers cool and warm tones because it is essentially a combination of Spectra.

Sleeveless A-Line/Princess Satin Split Front Prom Dresses

Still, pure white is almost never used, and it is usually an off-white color combined with shiny accents and even floral motifs. White looks best on flowing fabrics like chiffon and silk, but you can also make princess dresses with tulle on dresses.

Emerald green

Although it is not a special color, we need to add it as a separate category as it is a category of many classic and popular colors. Emerald hues include emerald green, maroon, purple, and dark blue. These colors tend to be darker and richer, so they are considered to have romantic appeal. This makes them a very popular clothing color choice on the red carpet and prom.

Spaghetti Straps Satin A-Line/Princess Prom Dresses

Emerald tones, matched with the right color, can fit a variety of cool and warm tones.


First of all, thank you very much for coming to the Lalamira blog to read this article. I believe this article will certainly attract your interest and solve your confusion in buying prom dresses. Before buying a prom dress, if you are not in a hurry, you need to know yourself first. That is to say, if you are more concerned about the influence of skin color on your dress, you should choose the color of the dress according to your skin color, so as to present your most beautiful state and foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. If you care about your body shape, you can check our previous articles:https://www.lalamira.com/blog/some-suggestions-from-jovani-designers-when-purchasing-prom-dresses/ suitable for different body shapes to see which style suits you best! Being able to present one’s figure perfectly at the prom is also a manifestation of self-confidence. At any time, we must not lack the confidence we should have. At any time, we must not lack the confidence we should have. Therefore, self-confidence is the first step to success in everything. When choosing a prom dress, your self-confidence has defeated 90% of imperfections, then you can match other factors to finish the final perfection.



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