When you choose Wedding Dresses Remember 3 do it and 3 don‘t

Buying a wedding dress sounds like a hassle, which is the evaluation of many girls. Because wedding dresses are so important, people always hesitate and even make some mistakes when facing important things. Today, lalamira not only teaches you how to choose, but also tells you how to avoid some mistakes when buying wedding dresses.

Shopping for a wedding dress is supposed to be fun – you are, after all, searching for a beautiful garment in which you will feel like a million dollars, for what will hopefully be one of the most enjoyable days of your life.

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But some aspects of the bridal gown hunt can take all the fun out of that process. Is it the daunting prospect of being the centre of attention, even for just a few moments? Is it the challenge of trying to find a gown that will reflect your personality, in a sea of designs that are most definitely not you? Or is it the way insecurities seem to magically resurface in fitting room mirrors?

It’s important to have the rest of your wedding details in place before you can truly shop for a gown, since many factors can influence the style of the dress. Consider your venue An ornate gown with tons of embellishments and a sizeable train might look stunning in a ballroom but completely out of place at a beachfront ceremony, one of our real bride bloggers. Also, the colors you choose for your bridesmaids and décor can influence whether you choose white or an off-white shade.

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What you should do:

1. Go on a dress shop recce

It is perfectly normal, in my experience, to feel lost as you consider the wide range of possibilities awaiting you. Magazines, Pinterest boards, TV shows and social media all contribute to this state of sensory overload. Here is how you combat it: close the magazines, switch off your TV (or change the channel), and log off social media (a good idea, I am told, whether you’re shopping for a wedding gown or not).

Then, look up three to five bridal stores in your area, map out an itinerary that makes some sort of sense, and march yourself there. Before you leave, it’s a good idea to check each store’s policy on walk-ins. Most won’t let you try on mermaid wedding dress without an appointment, which is absolutely fine at this stage. Some will allow you to browse dresses but not try them on (great). Some will only let you look at a restricted part of the store (not so great).

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The idea here is to get a barometer for what you like. Look at all the dresses. Touch the fabrics (if allowed). Pick up a couple of gowns from the rack and hold the hanger at shoulder height, just to get an idea of what it would look like on you. At this point, you’re not so much looking for your actual gown but rather familiarising yourself with the process. You will see other brides trying on their own dresses. You will see dozens of gowns, shoes, tiaras, veils and other accessories. Things will start to feel a bit less foreign.

By taking this little pre-shopping tour, you will also get a feel for each store. Is it uppity or more casual? Are the sales assistants helpful? Do you feel at ease? Can you picture yourself spending several hours (yes, really) here, stripping down to your underwear, and stepping out of your fitting room in a gown that may or may not fit? It’s worth picking a boutique (or several!) with an atmosphere that really suits you.

2. Try not to have a meltdown

Yes, shopping for a wedding gown 2020 can be stressful. Although everything about planning a wedding is stressful. But this is the fun part! Your dress should make you feel great. You should be able to move around in it. (When trying on a specific model at the bridal store and during subsequent fittings, don’t forget to sit down. You’ll probably spend at least part of your wedding day sitting down and you don’t want any surprises.)

chiffon wedding dress

chiffon wedding dress








If something doesn’t feel right (be it the colour or the fit or any other detail), it’s not up to your body to change. The garment should change to suit your body, not the other way around. Go forth and don’t let the wedding industrial complex get you down. You’ve got this.

3. Try on everything – even the things you hate

Once you have checked out several shops, it’s time to make appointments. Note: some stores will ask for a credit card when you make your appointment, and they may charge you if you cancel later than their policy allows. Some stores will also charge a fee for the first appointment regardless of cancellation. Some keep appointments free of charge. Again, it’s worth checking each store’s policy to avoid surprises.

During your first official appointment, a sales assistant will most likely ask about your tastes and bring several models for you to try on. You might have an idea of what you want. You might also know what you absolutely do not want. When I searched for my own lace wedding gown in 2020.

I turned out to be the kind of bride who had a long list of nos (lace, anything sparkly, long veils, tonnes and tonnes of tulle, anything that could remotely qualify as a meringue, and my personal nemesis: boleros) and very few yeses. Yet, during my first appointment, I gave it all a whirl: lace sleeves, spectacular trains, cathedral veils, tiaras, glittery belts, princess-y gowns, you name it. (The notable exception being boleros. A bride has to have her limits.)

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While you may have deep-seated opinions (and, honestly, more power to you!), there is no downside to trying on a variety of styles. If you try on something you thought you wouldn’t like and your suspicions are confirmed, great! Now you can have even more confidence in your instincts. If it turns out you actually enjoy that specific style, wonderful! In your little répertoire of ideas it goes.

Plus, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing dress-up (and you might enjoy it more than you think), this is a rather unique occasion to have fun with dramatic styles you might never get to wear again. So try everything on – and bring a camera as well as a friend or relative to take photos of you in all your different outfits. One or two days after the appointment, look at the pictures to decide which looks you like best.

Don’t do this:

1. Demanding the Wrong Size

Satin wedding dresses sizes typically run one or two sizes smaller than street clothes, so try not to get hung up on the number. Do not fixate on the actual size but instead on how your measurements compare to the particular line on the specific designer’s size chart.

Planning on losing weight before the big day?Play it safe and order a size that fits your current body. Any dress can be taken in, typically up to four sizes without affecting the look of the dress, but most can only be let out one full size—if that. You need to be realistic, in case you don’t lose your targeted weight.

2. Shopping Too Early

Many couples are opting for longer engagements these days, but don’t start shopping more than 12 months in advance. “The moment a bride starts trying on gowns, she’ll inevitably fall in love with one,” said Lash. “If she’s not ready to buy, it quickly becomes difficult for her. In other words: Do not visit bridal salons until you’re ready to make a purchase.”

But, at the same time, don’t procrastinate. Most dresses take anywhere from five to eight months to come in, according to DeMarco. You can sometimes place a rush order if you need it in under five months, but it’ll cost you.

vintage style wedding dresses

vintage style wedding dresses








3. Trying On Too Many Dresses

You’ve undoubtedly seen a bride who’s tried on 100+ dresses without finding the right one. Most brides try on between four and seven gowns, said DeMarco, and shouldn’t try on more than 10, because it can lead to confusion.

Often, a bride is trying on trumpet wedding dress after dress because she’s just not ready to end the shopping experience and make a real commitment. The most common mistake that a bride makes is not purchasing her gown when she finds it. The danger that befalls her is she becomes overwhelmed and forgets what she originally set out to find. She begins to doubt herself and starts to lose faith in the experience.


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