Which is your favorite, Retro Royal Wedding Dress or Fashionable Wedding Dress?

Are you looking at wedding dresses recently? As a staff member of a wedding dress brand, my daily job is to search all information about the wedding dress on the Internet and then feed it back to our other staff members. When I capture this information, “fashion” and “retro” always alternate.

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As an editor who recommends wedding dresses to you on a daily basis, today I plan to make a comparative recommendation with you from modern wedding dresses and retro royal wedding dresses. I think it is a good idea to make a recommendation while popularizing science, so let’s take a look at the “past lives and present lives” of wedding dresses.

For inspiration only here are the royal wedding dresses i love for brides who want to look and feel like a princess or a queen on their wedding day.

Wedding dresses: perhaps the single biggest fashion purchase of your life, but annoyingly, they often come with a big price tag to match (eye roll). That’s not the case for these incredible high street wedding dresses though.

This selection of royal wedding dresses are the most iconic and the best-remembered bridal gowns of all times in the 21st century. But please remember George Santayana’s quote, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, while you reflect on my personal collection of exemplary fashionable royal wedding gowns.

Wedding dress history

For those of us who are not born into a royal family or have not fall in love with a royal family member, for the big day we of course have the option to have a royal theme, dress like royalty and feel as glamorous as a princess.

I have to say, for hundreds of years, the royal wedding dress has its influence, as if ordinary people wearing the royal wedding dress will become a princess. So many designers have been watching the royal wedding dress.

The hunt for your wedding dress is probably one of the first things you started after you got the ring. Because, unless you get to go to the Oscars every year, your wedding gown will be the most elegant dress you’ll ever get to wear! So, it’s exciting to find the perfect one! But you’ve probably found that these elegant dresses come at an elegant cost too…

The wedding dresses of lalamira recommended in today’s article are all those you can afford, and their price will definitely impress you.Just because the price tag is low doesn’t mean these gowns and separates aren’t more than worthy of your big day. Besides, then you can put the cash you save towards the honeymoon trip of a lifetime, or a house deposit, or that kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece Wedding Dress

It took 25 of Valentino’s seamstresses to make this fairytale writer and children’s wear designer’s $225,000 ivory silk royal wedding gown, studded with rose appliqués and finished with a lace bodice and floral decorated sleeves.

Though this wedding dress seemed perfectly Grace Kelly-esque, princessy and prim, in its use of 12 kinds of lace and a 4.5 m train, the high-collared long-sleeved gown has almost swallowed up the petite bride. On the other hand, the tight wide lace corset-like bodice artfully pushes her feminine assets up to the centre of attention and shows off her tiny waist line.

Minus the rose appliquéd top this wedding dress also reminds me of Máxima’s gown which of course was also designed by Valentino. Now, perhaps Máxima is the unoriginal one since she was married 7 years after and managed to accentuate the simplicity of this dress and not trap all of her not-so-petite body in the dress with an airy neck and shorter sleeve design.

ball gown style wedding dress

1.1 Ball gown wedding dress

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own fairytale moment, then this is the silhouette for you. Ball gowns are one of the most classic wedding dress silhouettes and will instantly give you the Cinderella effect on the big day. A ball gown features a fitted bodice (sometimes with a corset) with a wide, full skirt, most often achieved by using crinolines or layers of tulle. Since the full skirt glides over your hips and lower torso, this silhouette is great for brides who want to cinch in their waist.

For girls who like the retro style, ball gown style wedding dress will definitely be their favorite. this wedding dress will make them more like medieval princesses and believe in professional recommendations!

Ball gown wedding dress

2.Princess Máxima’ Wedding Dress

Crown Prince William Alexander and soon-to-be King did uncover a precious jewel from South America who charmed the Dutch nation not only with her beauty and warm latin character but also with her classic fashion sense.

For her big wedding day, Máxima wore a royal wedding gown designed by Valentino with a modest high cowl neck with ¾ sleeves dress and flared skirt designed.

The fabric was silk mikada, a heavier silk that kept Máxima warm and gave a wrinkle-free quality for the multi location wedding venue.Her long princess silk veil covered in magnificent floral hand embroidery rested over the 5 m train.

Royal wedding dress

2.2 Sheath wedding dress

A sheath wedding dress fits close to the body and falls straight to the floor below your hips, with a very minimal flare. This wedding dress silhouette is perfect for brides who want an effortless gown, since it requires less fabric than other silhouettes (and is therefore very easy to move around in!). What a sheath wedding dress lacks in volume.

It makes up for with its versatility—the sheath silhouette works well with nearly every type of fabric, from beading, lace, satin, and even crepe. Sheath wedding dresses are a flattering option for slim figures and petite brides who don’t want to be overpowered by their gowns.

Sheath wedding dress

3. Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg’ Wedding Dress

The 28-year-old Belgian duchess wore an A-line ivory royal gown as she wed Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Her historical royal wedding dress, was made of a masterful mix of different fabrics: Chantilly lace, Calais lace, satin organza, tulle and silk crepe for the lining and silk tulle for the veil.

The gown had a bateau (boat) neckline which was lower at the back to show just a little bit of Stéphanie’s back. The lace fitted bodice, 3/4 sleeves and skirt was heavily embroidered with pearls and beads. A 2.5 meter train continued from her skirt and for those long princess train lovers out there another 4.5 meter train flowed from the waist topped off with a silk tulle veil, and adorned with a silver floral motif.

A-line ivory royal gown

3.3 A-line wedding dress

Consider the A-line as a halfway point between sheath and ball gown silhouettes. An A-line skirt, which is named for the way it creates an “A” shape on the body, flares out from the waist more than you’d see on a sheath gown, but not as dramatically as the ball gown.

This universally-flattering silhouette is ideal for all styles, whether your wedding is bohemian, classic, beachy, or something in between. A-line wedding dresses often feature organza, lace, or tulle, but you’ll also see them made from structured fabrics, such as Mikado.

A-line wedding dress has always been one of the most popular wedding dresses. This type of wedding dress is perfect for most girls! It can help them to shield their body defects, and A-line can lengthen the proportion of body, which is why many people choose it.

A-line wedding dress


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