Why is wedding dress so expensive? Is the price of the wedding dress overwhelming you?

The two wedding dresses look similar, why can the price be 10 times different? Why is wedding dress so expensive? Is the price of the wedding dress overwhelming you? Don’t be afraid, dear, you must know that many brides are facing the same problems as you.

If the average cost of a wedding dress makes you cringe a little ($1,469 in 2015!) allow us to offer a soothing balm: You can wear a dress that costs less than a fifth of that price—and still look like an absolute goddess on your wedding day.

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It is not easy to choose a wedding dress, and the price of the wedding dress also troubles many people. The price of a wedding dress in a physical store has deterred many people. Can’t a wedding dress affect their quality of life? After marriage, people still have to live, so many people choose to buy wedding dresses online.

At this time, you will find that there are two very similar wedding dresses, which may be sold for $3,000 in physical stores, but only $300 or even postage in online stores. This price gap has puzzled many people? Why is there such a big difference in wedding dress prices? As a professional wedding dress brand, lalamira will tell you something about the price of wedding dresses today.

You’re only ever going to wear the dress once so what’s the point in spending more money than you’re comfortable with, right? There’s no denying there’s logic to that particular argument, but if you’ve been cruising international sites searching for new mass-produced gowns which are $500 and under, you need to know what you could be in for.

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First of all, dresses which fall within this price point tend to be mass-produced off-shore with inexpensive, synthetic fabrics such as polyester and machine-made lace. While the price might be right, it’s worth noting that one of the major disadvantages of using cheap synthetics is that not only can they can give gowns a shiny look, they can also change colour in light, often giving off a hint of blue or green in photographs.

Often a dress may be less expensive because of its inner construction, less finishing and support, for example, such as un-trimmed seams, no interfacing to keep the garment from buckling, etc. In this case, a good remedy is to wear excellent and seamless undergarments; bridal salons and “corset” shops sell these. If the garment has good lines, but nothing fancy on the exterior, a beaded belt can make a difference.

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Another major feature of inexpensive wedding gowns is that they tend to be quite simple in style (which could be perfect for a beach wedding). Ornate wedding gowns – particular ball gowns which require plenty of good quality fabric to achieve that poufy vibe – are expensive, so within this price point you’re far more likely to see slips, shorter cuts and A-lines with little to no lining, zero boning in the bodice and/or any other underskirt construction and minimal embellishment or detailing on the outer layer.

Dresses which fall between the $1,000 and $10,000 price point tend to use high quality fabrics such as 100% silk or cotton and quality lace, be made using in-house design and in-house production and will be tailored to fit your individual shape over the course of several fittings (again, depending on the designer you go with).

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While Grave Loves Lace is famous for its European stretch laces and relaxed silhouettes free of restricting boning, with many other designers which fall within this range, you can expect to see more complicated shapes such as fishtails and ball gowns with a structured bodice, additional boning, layers within the skirt, a train, and some hand-beaded embellishments to give the dress that wow factor.

The most important takeaway from all of this? Your cheap wedding dress, no matter the price, should make you feel incredible. So if you find something that’s $300 and fits you perfectly off the rack, enjoy. You’ll look gorgeous and feel confident on your wedding day, and your bank account will thank you!


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