Will You Prepare Flower Girl Dresses For Your Wedding?Is A Flower Girl Necessary?

Surely everyone knows the importance of flower girls at the wedding, and then the flower girl is a wedding must-have? Today we will discuss the importance of the flower girl and the choice of the flower girl’s dress based on the collected points of view.

Is a flower girl necessary

Is a flower girl necessary?

Ask: Hey, girls, so I and my man gang are planning our wedding, but we didn’t know that any girl under 9 could be a flower girl. We have a complete list of boys, but no girls. Do you think that the wedding should have a girl who sells flowers, or does not it matter?

Answer 1: We probably wouldn’t have.

Answer 2: I think you’re fine without it. However, I have seen playing “flower girl” grandmother, and that’s cute.
Etta: I really wish we didn’t have kids, because we didn’t invite any kids to the wedding apart from RB and FG, and we should extend this all the way to our wedding party.

Answer 3: We don’t have a flower girl or a ring, because we don’t want any kids involved.

Answer 4: No, it does not matter.
I was disappointed that my nieces couldn’t come to our wedding and be a flower girl at our wedding. Well, now I’m glad she’s not the flower girl at our wedding, because at my BILs wedding last month, she was an amazing piece of work.

Answer 5: We do not have (although there are options). Nobody noticed that everything is perfect.

Answer 6: I didn’t because we didn’t want the kids to go to the wedding. If I really have a child, to be fair, I have to include multiple children and invite their siblings, and then just lose control!

Answer 7: What annoys me is that we don’t have a ring holder. There’s nothing wrong with skipping it.

Answer 8: I didn’t because I also had to include siblings. The same goes for ring holders.

Answer 9: We do not have children, mainly because all of our friends and families with children have little boys. But we also feel that there is no need to have one.

Answer 10: If you didn’t have a flower girl, you wouldn’t be legally married.

Answer 11: There is no age limit for a person to become a flower girl. If you have a person who is a few years older than you, there will be no harm in that. In fact, our two 60-year-old grandmothers are our flower girls. They loved the idea, and I thought it would be an interesting moment.

Answer 12: Despite some choices, we decided not to be a flower girl or a flower delivery guy. Even though I thought my niece would be cute to attend my wedding, I had a few thoughts about what would happen if she was a flower girl, but none were good. I think my SIL is relieved that she can get a babysitter on her wedding day and enjoy it as much as she can.
I went to two weddings with the flower girl; in the first experiment, there were five girls walking together, bigger and smaller (the experiment was so successful; everyone walked through the aisle unharmed), and second, the little girl finally lost her temper and ran to her parents.

Answer 13: I don’t think they’re necessary. I don’t have a ring and I don’t have a ring holder. The last few weddings I’ve been to haven’t either.

Tips!Thus, although many people think that no flower girl at the wedding is appropriate, this is because many brides do not have the right age flower girl or not. So, if you have a flower girl around you, why not give up such a lovely girl to appear at your wedding, which is also the wonderful part of the wedding.

What should you do for your flower girl?

The flower girl is such a sacred part of the wedding! From their little clothes to their little faces, they add so little sweetness to your day. Although they may be small, the day they play the role is by no means! So, with that in mind, we’ve included everything you need to know about the smallest members of your wedding party. After reading this article, you will be able to focus on how cute your flower girl is, not where she should be or what she should do!

Pick your little princess

The first thing to do! Since your flower girl (presumably) is a child, be sure to ask her parents first, especially since they will bear the cost of her flower girl’s dress and accessories. They can also tell if their baby is up to the task of walking down the aisle(sometimes a child may feel a little too focused). Once you get their consent, ask if your future flower girl will give you the honor of attending the wedding. Consider giving her a little gift like this picture book or this bride bear!

Square Neckline Ball Gown Flower Girl Dresses Flower(s) Sleeveless Court Train

Promised (her little) dresses

As a bride, you can choose the flower girl’s outfit and accessories. However, it’s always good to pay attention to budget and comfort-thankfully, there are thousands of cute flower girl dresses out there, and the prices vary! Get ready to start drooling, because flower girl dresses are the cutest thing ever! Sometimes it takes a long time to sell flower girl clothing, so start your search early and let her parents know(and when they need to order) once you’ve decided on the style. When it comes to evaluating your flower girl, try to think about a little room for growth. If she is between two sizes, increase one size. In addition, you can also choose her basket, because you will want it to be coordinated with the style of your wedding day. Any floral aspects (such as the petals or Corolla in the basket) are covered by you, although you may consider giving the basket and any small jewelry you want her to wear as a wedding gift.

3/4 Length Sleeves V-neck Court Train Tulle Wedding Dresses

Understand her duty

Being a flower girl is an important job for such a little girl! It’s not just a surface phenomenon. Usually, your flower girl will be ready with you and your bridesmaids. You might want to make her do a cute, age-appropriate professional hairstyle. Then she will take wedding photos with you and other bridesmaids. At the wedding, she will walk down the aisle, usually in front of you. She will carry the basket and sprinkle the petals on the ground. Of course, she did not mention the basket. You can give her a sign that says “the bride is coming”, a small Blooming Bouquet … anything that can talk to you! Once she gets to the end of the aisle, you might want her to sit with her parents-a big one for a small child. After that, she needs to stay nearby for a photo session with you and your new husband.

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Make her happy

Children are less capable than their older peers, so be realistic when you meet a flower girl. On the day of the wedding, she is usually supervised by her parents or relatives, so you don’t have to worry about her-but you may want to talk to your wedding planner to set a schedule for her. When she’s ready for you and the wedding party, make sure she has some clear juices and snacks(think of things that won’t stain your fingers or cause your fingers to go gooey, like animal crackers or granola bars). Also, arrange for her to finish her day after all the bridesmaids so her parents can bring her later, instead of having her wait. You might also want to keep a few distractions at hand, like a color book or even an iPad tip for Pocahontas so she can have some entertainment before the wedding.

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Be flexible

Sometimes, depending on their age, flower girls cry, throw down their baskets, or even decide not to walk down the aisle. Don’t let it put pressure on you she’s a little girl, and the kids do the worst thing they say. No matter what happens, I will laugh it off, as a childhood loveliness. This is a big day, it can evoke many emotions of a small child! And, no matter what happens or how she behaves, she will be part of your wedding day memory.

How to pick flower girl dress?

#1. Make sure the flower girl dress fits your wedding theme

If you are going to hold a traditional wedding, choose a traditional flower girl dress. Likewise, if you’re hosting a leisurely seaside event, choose a more interesting and unique costume for the flower girl.”A perfect flower girl dress should fit the form and ‘feel’ of the wedding and fit the personality of the lucky little girl and make her comfortable to wear all day long.“Remember, for a flower girl, it’s not just a dress, “says Courtney Geiger of my wedding style.” so if you want her to have some kind of hairstyle or accessory, the dress should be able to hold it and not be in conflict with your other ideas.”.

#2. A flower girl’s dress doesn’t have to be white

Traditionally flower girls wear white, but you don’t think you have to limit yourself to ivory, white or diamonds. If you are wearing a pink wedding dress, consider a flower girl dress with lace that goes well with pink or blue or with an accent color.

Square Neckline Ball Gown Flower Girl Dresses Bow(s) Sleeveless Ankle-length

#3. Consider the length of your flower girl’s dress

If your flower girl is older, choose a longer dress. If she is young, wear a short dress. After all, most flower girl dresses are short for a reason: “the last thing you want to see is that she tripped in the aisle,” Mr. Geiger said.”We know it looks cute, but in the end, it’s not worth the risk.”

#4. Order flower girl dresses close to your wedding date

We know that we always tell you to order wedding-related items and clothing early, but in this case, it pays to wait for a little. Because kids can really grow out quickly, it’s best to buy flower girl clothes as close to your wedding date as possible. If you bought it a few months before the wedding, you have the risk of clothes that do not fit.

#5. Think of the fabric for the flower girl dress

In order to make the flower girl clothes (most) do not wrinkle, choose a wrinkle-free cloth or choose a good hide wrinkles material, such as chiffon.

Have to repeat that if you have the right girl at home, do not refuse them to do your flower girl, after all, the wedding event participants can feel happy things. So choose the right flower girl dress that will make your wedding even more special.


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